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It's a cool autumn evening

It’s a cool autumn evening.
Not that I’m complaining.
Showers and cooler temps are
on the way. I’m enjoying the
nice weather that is here.

I had planned to be here earlier but didn’t have
internet for some time.
Thankfully had internet this morning during
the Counter Economy Webinar with John Bush.
Were you able to get on this morning? If so what
are your thoughts.
It’s a lot to digest and I tend to walk to the beat of
my own drum. Yet, I still learn a lot from his webinars
even if I can’t purchase his other training.
The replay is out now so am going to go
through and watch the webinar again.
On side note, I learned about a decentralized
internet today at
I’m slowly reading up on it and going to
see what I think.

How’s the day been for you and how’s the
weather where you are?

On this cool evening Marie is resting well

Didn’t get very much accomplished today.
Did a little outdoor work & spent some time with
my older dog, Marie a little more.
Her last X-ray showed a mass on her lung.
Might be related to chronic bronchitis with
her collapsed trachea but hard to know since
can’t afford to do a complete ultra sound.
She’s on prednisone and medicine for her
cough currently.
I left a message to get her an appointment
at another vet to get another opinion.
She’s hanging in there, eating well and goes
outside fine. She just moves slower with her
breathing issues.

I’m going to keep this short tonight and plan
to be back tomorrow.
Have a peaceful night.

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