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Keep Using Your Berkey Filters
and for a long time.
Here’s a couple links from the video to distill water yourself as
well below. As Always I can’t guarantee how long these
videos will be available before they might disappear.

EPA is all about control, power and destruction and not
one iota interested in our well being.
We need to be sure to have clean, uncontaminated
water to drink.
Take time please to watch the video and make plans
to do better than the destruction planned.
To be wise and informed will put you way ahead of
those living in yesterday.

We need to be all about thriving and not just surviving the
destruction intended for us.
When I look back in time when I didn’t know as much
or at least what was going on but less blatant,
it could be easy to let normalcy bias just zombize me
but not going to let that happen to me!

So Keep Using Your Berkey Filters!!

Have a good day, stay peaceful and not wracked with fear.
If you have a church to go to or wanna tune into an online
service Todd with Focus Church will be Live at 10 at the link
below. His message today: The End from the Beginning.

If your reading this later in the day you can always catch
the replay.

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

Simply Backwoods


  1. Avatar Cindy


    1. I can’t access the article anymore either. The jist of it was the EPA started selectively enforcing a rule from the 70’s about (and I’m paraphrasing here) a product that claims to remove or “destroy” “pests” or viruses is classified as a “pesticide” and so subjected to the rules of pesticides. The distributor tried changing the labeling the packaging and even a failed lawsuit attempt. For some reason the EPA just wanted Berkey’s distribution destroyed. 25 people lost their jobs and the company had to start selling other stuff. Never says what happened directly to Berkey or why similar filters are still available.

    2. Have you tried manually lighting your oven? And if so have you tried for 60+ seconds or more? My pop had a propane heater that had a similar start up procedure and it had a “breaking in” period. It didn’t work so hot the first dozen-ish times then later it was better. If you hear the “click, click” of the igniter then it’s working. If you don’t then it isn’t. If the igniter works the next culprit is probably the thermocouple. It senses the pilot/flame/heat then allows the gas to flow for the oven burner. Some times it can take a while for the thermocouple to activate.
    I found a YT channel from what I believe is the manufacturer of your stove:

    I also found their web page for parts, but you need the first letter of the serial # for an exact match.
    Some parts may work for all models, maybe not.
    Possible you can contact them directly for further assistance. But we don’t exactly live in a very customer service oriented age, lol.

    This is all my best guess, take it with a grain of salt.
    Just watch and read all you can till you feel comfortable messing with it.
    Good luck & God bless.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie.
      I hope your day has been a good one.
      No worries on the article. After I couldn’t access it I did some searching
      and found the video on cleaning on Berkey filters and that works for me
      rather than purchasing fraudulent filters that EPA will eventually take off
      the market in some crappy way too.
      It’s rotten that people lost their jobs and EPA has done everything to make
      sure that Berkey couldn’t even change the packaging to please EPA.

      I had been lighting the oven manually with long fireplace matches and it had been
      working until just recently. I had to push in the ignite button longer and then would
      light. It still will but then promptly goes back out. I do hear the clicking of the ingnitor.
      Maybe it could be the thermocouple. It’s all just not cooperating to stay lit now.
      I’ll check out the links you gave me and wee if find some helpful information and if possible
      the parts needed.
      I have been trying to see if Lowe’s has parts but so far haven’t found anything but I’ll keep
      chasing that option too.
      I appreciate you searching out information and I’ll follow up with what you found and see if
      perhaps a solution or part is available so can get to operating on the stove lol

      Have a good night, stay alert and keep preparing one step at a time as I know you always are!

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