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A Blessed Resurrection Sunday to Everyone

A Blessed Resurrection Sunday to Everyone

May your day be the very best no matter what
your up to and how you celebrate.

In spite of the crazy, unstable world we live in
take today and focus on the Lord and all He
has accomplished for us.

He will take us through all things we face and
keep us in His care no matter what.
I am reminded of all these truths myself the
last few days.

Bask in His love and take time to honor the
price He paid for us.

If you don’t have a local church or would like
to focus more on Him today I invite you to
watch the replay of the Resurrection Service
with Pastor Todd at Focus Church.

Have a blessed day!

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Simply Backwoods
Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay FocusedĀ 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time


  1. Avatar Cindy


    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.
    I had to work, but otherwise the rest of the day was quiet, spent it with my mom, a great day for reflection and prayer.
    Catch ya on your next blog.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good morning, Jamie.
      My Easter was quiet and didn’t get together with family this year.
      That’s alright. It was just me and the animals.
      I know when your on a work schedule you have to go when expected.
      I’m glad to hear you and your mom had a quiet day after work.
      Sometimes it’s a challenge to do so with work to be done around the homestead
      so we do our best.
      Have a super good Saturday!

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