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I’m Doing More than Survive!
I was really humored by the above video but
I truly want to do more than just survive.

Regardless, I hope your having a good Saturday.

It’s been super hot day here with humidity
making temps even more uncomfortable.
I normally try to work outside early before
it gets unbearable.
Thunderstorms are predicted later on
but I’ll see. Weather is so unpredictable.
How are temps where you are?

I finished the makeshift cover attached to the
privacy fence and over the pond as well as
let it fill with a bit of rain water.
Even with the attachment to the hose to keep
chemicals out doesn’t mean I won’t get them
from the sky. There is no guarantee rain
water is any safer these days either.
I figure less chemicals to filter out if I should
need the water by using the Bogo filter on the
hose when needed.
I have noticed very few people I’ve found
so far that are opting to find Berkey’s
still available in various places or learning
means to clean the filters.

When I share means to find Berkey other
places or clean the filters it seems to fall
on deaf ears and I see folks opting to
buy other systems.
Am I just looking in the wrong places
or have you noticed this too?
Spending unnecessary money isn’t an
option for me.

It’s already been a busy day here for me.

I'm doing more to survive and that means making dog food today.

I am cooking ground turkey, squash, peas,
apples and green beans for Little Thor’s
dinner and I’ll give some to the dog
next door too since I feed him two
times a day since his owner doesn’t.
The rest I’ll put in the slow cooker
with chicken breast, more squash
and green beans plus carrots.
The food in slow cooker will be ready
to go tomorrow.

I'm doing more than survive. I hard boiled some eggs I had stored in lime for a year and turned out perfect. Neat way to store eggs and they saved well

I also hard boiled some eggs that I had
put in lime for a year. They turned out
fine and now I know this method works
well for extra eggs. One just has to use
fresh eggs that haven’t been washed.

It’s so miserable hot and humid out but
did get plants watered in outer building
with the fan on and started strawberry seeds,
Thyme and watermelon seeds inside
for now. I’m hoping to get a few more seeds
started as this is the time of year here to get to
it if I want to grow food.

Before I forget I want to mention Nutrient Survival
is giving away a Grab and Go Pack with any purchase.
To celebrate Summer You get a Free Go Pack with
any purchase big or small by entering POWERPACK

I'm doing more than survive with Nutrient Survival's Grab and Go Packs

Each Grab and Go Pack comes with 8 meals and drinks
for when your on a hike, camping or at home
and the powers out.
I encourage you to have a look and see if this might
be a great Grab and Go for you!

I'm doing more than survive with my Little Thor

Little Thor is so much more chilled now
since being nuetered. From what I know
this isn’t always the case but I had to get
get hormones out of the way to see if
I could correct him being out of sorts.
I’ve learned a lot about him and his
behavior lately.
When he goes to the groomer he
gets upset and it is awful to get him
out of his car seat, harness and leash.

It’s been an eye opener that he’s
reacting as he does since the only
car rides have been to the groomer
that stresses him out big time.
My daughter and I took him for
a car ride with no harness and he
loved it with no issues.
We’re working to give him new
positive experiences in the car.
I learned a lot about his reaction
when I started watching some free
videos from Lisbeth Borg de Waard.
She’s in Norway, runs Nordic Dog Training
and was trained from
Turid Rugaas who has wrote several
books on dogs and specifically one
I’m reading ‘On Talking Terms with
Dogs:Calming Signals
All this is a totally different way than I’ve known
If you might be intereted to sign up for Lisabeth’s
5 video series for free here’s a link:
This is definitely a journey I’m on with all this but
very enlightening.

I’m going to quit now and get this published for you.
May the rest of your Saturday be the best.

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