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There is So Much to Do and Learn

There is so much to do and learn.
It’s never ending but I’m embracing
all there is.

i know, I know it’s about time I
get my rear on here and share.

How’s your day been for you?
It’s been raining a lot here.
It’s the wetter side of this weather
roller coaster ride.
And storm after storm has hit us
here lately.
I’ve been trying to get on here and
finish writing this post I started
awhile back.
Finally I’m here lol

Rain doesn’t stop me from doing
what’s needed.
I uncovered all my trees outdoors
and have began putting wood chips
from cleaning up after chickens.

I know a lot of trees are dying from
the inside out but I’m hoping
perhaps the wood chips around
the base of every tree I can will
slow the process of what is
being sprayed continually
in the air.

I had to uncover all the newer
apple trees since covering them
is causing them to lean and I’d
prefer upright apple trees lol

I’ve got cucumbers growing inside
and tomatoes, an elderberry tree,
strawberries, potatoes and a grape
vine growing in an outdoor building
with lights.
I’ve got green pepper starts inside ready
to go to outdoor building soon as well.
I hope soon to get pictures
but haven’t got that far yet.

With all the rain I have a forest out
back needing mowed. I keep working
at it in between rain and when it
dries up some.

We’ve had numerous tornados near here
and thankful none have touched down
right here. Some places have had
major damage and some loss of life.
This year all the storms and tornados
is a lot earlier than we’ve ever had this
kind of weather.

My daughter and granddaughter are
currently at Univ of Iowa hospital.
My daughter’s husband’s brother
had a severe reaction to a anti-
depressant (wellbutrin). He’s been on a ventilator
and in an induced coma. He’s starting
to improve thankfully. This and so many
meds need to be taken off the market.
He’s the 3rd person we know of that
has taken this anti-depressant that
has reacted. One of my granddaughter’s
friends had a brother die and another
friend came out of the reaction thankfully.

There is so much to do and learn. Learned the chickens are great mouse catchers lol

The guys at the feed store told me
some chickens are good at killing
mice. It turns out mine are lol
They were fighting over something
this morning and had a mouse.
I found another later. And they
are dead mice now.
Just too funny.

There is so much to do and learn.
I was having trouble with my little dog, Thor and being aggressive. He had surgery to get neutered since his testicles hadn't dropped and he's a completely different dog.

My dog, Little Thor started acting out
and more aggressive than I’m used to.
Since he was crypto (testicles hadn’t
dropped) he had to have a bit more
of a major surgery.
A lawyer in town that has helped me some
of the outdoor cats paid for him to have
it done.
He’s a totally different dog now and is all
healed up.
In the picture above he’s enjoying being
out a bit relaxing.

There has been so much to do and trying
to learn everything I can to be proactive
rather than be frustrated and fearful.

Finances are tight but I can use all I have
to do what I can. The Lord is continually
faithful to provide.
I haven’t gone hungry and neither have
any of my animals or ones I take care of

Okay this is a bit lengthy but I wanted
to give you some of an update on what
I’ve been up to.

I hope all is well with you and let me
know what you’ve been up to.

Have the best night and remainder
of the week.
Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

Just me at Simply Backwoods


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Well you certainly have had your hands full.
    Weather is similar here, one sunny day followed by 5 days of rain. I’d like to start clearing some of the downed trees off our trails but it’s just too wet. Probably will be till June.
    Money is tight here too. I have to buy a new vehicle to replace the van. Can I just tell you used car prices are nuts, the prices they want for high mileage junk is crazy. I do not want to finance anything, not only will it cost me more overall but I would have to pay for collision insurance too. So for now I’m just saving as much $$ as I can and driving without a valid inspection sticker. Meh, it’s not a moving violation if I get a ticket.
    I pray for all you folks out there in tornado country. We see that stuff on the news and it is an absolute miracle that more people aren’t killed. The path of destruction is so bad. 🙁
    Ugh, don’t get me started on big pharma and the poison the peddle. Antidepressants are among the worst of it, I’m happy for y’all that he is improving.
    Hugs for little Thor, that’s so awesome that there is someone that helps out with the critter crew.
    I’m happy you were able to get a blog post out, I was beginning to wonder if everything was okay. I figured it’s just a busy season, but ya never know.
    Stay safe & God bless

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie.
      I hope your day is going well.
      Sounds like weather is not so pleasant there as well.
      I very much relate to not being able to get things done
      outdoors due it being too wet. I finally was able to make
      a dent in cutting grass yesterday before it rained again.
      Today is a lot cooler and more rain again.
      Weather is so unpredictable here. Constant tornado warnings
      but so far none right here. Feel for those who have a lot
      of damage due to tornados and high winds.
      We’ve never had severe weather like this and especially so
      It sucks you had to replace your van. I drive a car that
      looks nice but has it’s issues but I have no plans to buy
      another piece of junk with tons of mileage.
      My son in law goes to auctions and buys cars, fixes them up
      and resells them. So I guess if worst came to worst I’d have
      him get me another one but just don’t want to go there.
      I just have minimal insurance and have to be thankful I don’t
      need an inspection sticker right now.
      I know what you are saying about big pharma. It makes me mad
      beyond words.
      Thankfully Michael is steadily improving. They’ve tried to taper
      off his meds to keep him sedated but he wasn’t quite there yet.
      I keep praying he’ll continue to get better and soon.
      Drs have no business to keep prescribing stuff known to cause harm
      or don’t bother to do their research to be aware. That wouldn’t surprise
      me either.
      I’m thankful the attorney came through again to help one of the animals.
      She’s been so good at helping with costs of neighbor’s outdoor cats they
      could care less about caring for. She’s even taken a mama cat and her kittens
      in and got them adopted out.
      One kitten was so ill but her husband took him to the State University vet service
      and he came through after an IV and is adopted out now. Oh I wish there more people
      like her to help with animals.
      Little Thor has done a 180 degree turn around since he had the surgery. He’s not aggressive
      or having anxiety now. He’s a happy boy and can spend time petting him without him acting out.
      Nice to have an affectionate dog and not having him acting out.
      I’m glad to finally post and hope to do so and not with so much time in between.
      There is a lot going on and to do but trying to find a balance.
      I’m learning a lot about more holistic care of Thor and what he eats being connected
      to his health/behavior.
      I hope you have a good rest of the day and all goes well.

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