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Good Evening-Grid Power is Back

How’s your Wednesday been for you?

It’s been storming here and lost power
several times since last night.
Oh the joy of LED lights.
So glad I have what I have. Glad to be
back online so can finish writing this
now lol
I’ve been keeping an eye on the radar.
Weather is so unpredictable I never
know when it’s going to rain or storm
most of the time. Kind of sucks but
I’m learning to read the sky better than
listen to the weather man lol
Mark at WeathermanPlus on YouTube is
excellent though if I’m going to use a
weather source.
I thought I’d start this message with hopes
I can finish it if weather doesn’t get too
crappy again.
If it does I’ll pick up where I left off tomorrow.

Earlier today I went to donate plasma to earn a little extra
to pay a few bills but at my age they won’t allow me
to unless my medical dr says I’m a good fit.
I’ll see how that goes since
I seldom go to the dr these days.
If doesn’t work out the Lord always provides!

I’ve been doing a free Elderberry Workshop
and thankful I can go back so far and get
what I missed.
Not sure if this link will take you there if your
interested or if one has to register:
Elderberry Workshop
Elderberry Bushes are so extremely hardy.
I cut mine back in the spring and have one
started in the outer building that is thriving.
I’m going to do more cuttings and plant them
under the tree canopy in hopes they may
thrive in spite of spraying in the sky.
One thing for sure the one already outdoors
is thriving as is one in the outer building.
There so easy to start and don’t need any
rooting compound to get them going.

Well it’s been a long day and going to keep
this short.
May your evening be a good one.

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