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A Thriving Saturday with Some Hacks

It’s a thriving Saturday with some hacks.
I made the above little creation earlier.
I found it in on a blog at this link:
It’ says it’s the best way to get rid of flies. I had a few less flies
sneaking in the kitchen but most of all it made my kitchen and dining
room smell sooo good! I used a lemon and a votive rather than the
candle they showed and used popsicle sticks. It worked for a great
do it myself house freshener. I think the cloves with the candle do
the most. It’s been burning for almost 2 hours now.

Another most helpful hack is with banana peels. I’m always looking
for ways to fertilize my plants without buying any. I find it helpful
for coming days and anything to know in regard to this is very
I just save my banana peels, put them in water and let them
ferment for a few days and add a bit of water to dilute and
use it on my peppers, tomatoes, strawberry starts as well as
other plants.
It’s perfect for plants that need more potassium.
If your interested you can find it here:

Breaking News (at least for me) I just watched a video(below) on a change in our tap water.
Water treatment plants normally use Chlorine as one item to purify our tap water.
I learned in catching up with Deep South Homestead on and learned some Water treatment plants are now using Chloramines.
It can harm us, our animals and our gardens/plants. It stays in tap water and pipes.
It can harm in kidney dialysis if used as well. It leaches lead and copper out of pipes equaling high levels of lead.
If your aware of the affects of lead this isn’t good.
I remember checking the report on the Water Treatment near where
I live awhile back and noticed it hadn’t been updated since 2019.
They declare our water is safe though.
I checked again to see if they use Chloramines. The report/article was vague only
saying they are allowed to use it if so choose.
So take note and be sure to purify your water in your Berkey,
whatever means you use or sit water bottles outside in sun exposing
to UV light for several hours will help to purify the crap out as well.
What is so unnerving about this is that those asleep or not paying attention can
be harmed by trusting the Water Treatment Centers to give them safe water.

Well I want to get this published and let you have a read.
I hope you have the best night.

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