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Winding Down for the Night

Winding down for the night.
How about you?

It’s been a busy but productive day.

Winding down for the night. Got a ton of mulberries picked but lots more waiting.

I picked a ton of mulberries and put them in
the freezer. There are plenty more waiting to
be picked and many falling to the ground.
Not really much competition with the birds.
There are so many that there are plenty
to go around.

One thing I never do is wash any berries I
pick until I’m ready to use them.
Otherwise I end up with a mushy mess and
they spoil a lot quicker.

What were you up to today?

I spent a little time putting some dried
berries and food items in mylar bags and
sealing them up as well as putting some
other items in jars and vacuum sealing them.

I’m just a little behind in filling some newly
acquired water bottles but made progress
today and only one tote of bottles left to

It’s supposed to rain possible tomorrow.
It was predicted for today but weather is
so unpredictable and nothing came of it.
Then other days it storms to beat the band.
It’s really hard to read the weather these days.
We can have a clear sky and sunshine, the
planes spray and then clouds cover up the
sun. Kind of sucks.
I saw the asian neighbors out planting and
praying they will have success. I know they
depend on the food they grow and share with
a lot of family in the area.
I can’t really talk to them much since there
is a language barrier and I’m not using
google for translation. I don’t use google
for anything with the exception of using
youtube which is monitoring and flagging
most anyone sharing truth.
I have an account there but gave up
developing my channel. I don’t mind
keeping what I do private as possible.
If one has chickens and broadcast it
there is a good chance they’ll find a
reason to say they have bird flu. And
if you have cows they’ll more than likely
have bird flu too LOL
After all we all need to stop eating meat sigh

By the way my chickens are doing well and lay daily.
I do let them out as much as I can.
This video below is before I covered up one side to keep
chemical sprays out and the top of their area is
covered as well. They don’t seem to mind at all.
Since I have problems with mice at times it’s
humorous because I’ve seen the chickens kill them.
Imagine that, chickens that think they are cats too lol

I’m curious if anyone is still using paypal.
I closed the only account I had and am looking
for options for payments and donations that isn’t
monitored by the government.
Most of my affiliates just deposit in my Cash Card account but
I’m sure in time it isn’t going to be an option and probably
already monitored. But it is what it is for now.

Winding down for the day and sharing Boogie Blue to filter water from the hose.

Before I close for the night I wanted to share an interesting
find I plan to get-These Boogie Blue filters go on the hose
and filter any chemicals out. This will be a wonderful addition
for filling the chickens water and water jugs. I think they have
something for the indoor shower but haven’t found it yet.
I’m not an affiliate of theirs but wouldn’t mind being.

Have the best night and may it be restful and peaceful.

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