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A Peaceful Day at the Homestead

A Peaceful Day at the Homestead

I’ve chosen to have just a bit more of a laid back
It’s a pleasant day. Not too hot or humid and the
clouds have disappeared as they usually do
after chemical sprays. Regardless, it’s a nice
day out even if choose to not be out and
exposed to it much.

Later on I’ll go water plants in the outer
building and plant a few more seeds for

I was gifted some Danny Corn seeds from
Danny and Wanda at Deep South Homestead.
I want to go ahead and start some in huge
pots I have. Danny and Wanda now have
a youtube channel, Pecan Grove. They
share a lot more there these days since
youtube likes to flag a lot of what they
share on Deep South Homestead.

I know I mentioned elderberries in last post.
I’d love to do some starts as hedges but
perhaps I’ll wait and try some in the Spring.
Haven’t decided yet.
I will have to get a picture of the elderberry
bush I trimmed down for cuttings that is
now flowering. Soon enough I’ll be up to
my eye balls in elderberries.

Here’s a peak at what is started in the out building.
Not best pictures with the grow lights on.
I’ll share some of the other plants in the near

Below are the Diomede cucumbers I got
from Hoss Tools.
The come with both male and female so
I don’t have to worry about pollinating them.

A peaceful day at the homestead to share cucumber plants

Below are a variety of tomato plants
I started inside and took to outer
building for more room.

It's a peaceful day at the homestead and perfect to share my tomato starts.

Weather has been so wonky here so
besides chemtrails I’m having better
success not growing outdoors.

I’m going to order my Nutrient Survival Coffee
tonight. I’m almost out and definitely need to
stay stocked up.
I like their Columbian Coffee with lots of extra
Have you tried their coffee yet?
If you’d like to check it out here’s
a link below:

Nutrient Survival Coffee 2

It’s my understanding that with every order
through Nutrient Survival until September
you get entered
to Win a Piece of Freedom.
And a 90 day supply of food.
Pretty exciting to me.
You can learn more here:

Well I’m off to feed chickens and do a little
work with the plants.

I pray your night will go well for you.

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