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Good evening
Good Evening

Good evening.
How has your Thursday been for you?
I’m a little late getting on here.
Been a busy day accomplishing things
outside and inside.
Plus working on my June budget.

Tomorrow I want to focus a bit more
on sharing here after finishing a few
things outdoors.
I’ve made some progress in mowing
the forest lol
I hope to get a bit more done tomorrow.

Good evening.
Sharing my newest grape vine.

I’ve moved all my plants and starts to the outdoor
building plus starting more seeds.
The above is my grape vine I started inside.
It seems to be doing really well.
I am looking for anyways to fertilize that
are on hand when possible as well
such as egg shells, coffee grounds, pine straw
and needles for the PH of the strawberries to
name a few things. In addition I use fish
I’ll definitely be sharing more of what I’m
growing in the future.
So far thankfully not a lot of fails. Yeah!

I’ll close for the night.
May you have a blessed and restful night.

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