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How's your weather? It's been an adventure here for certain.

How’s your weather?
It’s been an adventure here for certain.
We’ve had everything from high winds, tornado
warnings, tornado destruction and even some
loss of life in different parts of the state.
How has weather been where you are?

I watch Mark at WeathermanPlus on Youtube.
Mark said this crazy weather is normal for May.
Well almost June now lol
I beg to differ. We’ve never had such extreme
weather in May here. Perhaps its the constant
destruction of spraying chemicals.

I’m very thankful for a couple days of sunshine
and trying to do some clean up outside.
My damage wasn’t as bad as some have
had. Just had loss of power for sometime
but not nearly as long as my friends
in Texas being without power for like
8 days.

I’ve heard now we can expect some really
hot temps. So trying to get done what I
can before extreme heat.

I hope all is well with you. Going to keep
this shorter tonight but wanted to get on
here for a few and say howdy and update
you on what I’m dealing with here.

I look forward to being back tomorrow
since I believe weather should behave.
I have lots I wanna share.

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