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It's a week of thriving.
Angel ornament on window on rainy day in gold brass

It’s a week of thriving.

In spite of waking up one morning with huge snowflakes,
the next day to rain, thunder and hail, then warm weather,
I’m committed to this being a week of thriving in all I do.

This roller coaster weather can be enough to unnerve
a person but it’s alright. I’m finally starting to get on
the other side of being so tired to start catching up
inside the house besides normal chores.

How’s weather where you are and what have you been up to?

I’ve been keeping up with Mark at Weatherman Plus and
doesn’t look like the roller coaster ride ends anytime soon.
I’ve also been keeping up with Dane at Geoengineered Weather,
The lastest being on a Thunderstorm Asthma. Never heard of it
until today. Nothing surprises me anymore.
Tennessee is working on banning Geoengineering of weather.
Very worth watching and informative.
I hope other states may follow suite.

It's a week of thriving in spite of constant chemtrails

Chemtrails have persisted here. On days when it’s clear
and the days we have had some warm temps
I’ve been allowing the chickens to go out some in in
order to clean their area where I keep them.
If chemtrails and bad weather persist it’s going to
limit any outdoor time.

It's a week of thriving and on warmer days the chickens get a little outdoor time.

The one chicken above with no feathers on her neck is a turken.
This one is named Turken and she’s with her counterpart,
Princess Chick. Turken can be a brat to the other turken, Churkey
not in the picture and I’ve had to put the bullying to an end.
So far so good.

It's a week of thriving
I did get one more batch
of apple cider vinegar done.
On to making another batch.

I did finish up one batch of apple cider vinegar this
week and I’ll be starting a new batch soon.
When I get blessed with apples and too many to
eat it’s a good time to make apple cider vinegar.

I’m going to call it a night and get this published.
May you have a blessed and restful night as well
as praying your Friday will be a good one.

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