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President's Day

President’s Day Evening

Good evening. How has your President’s Day been for you?

Maybe a little not so positive to share and then some
positive to put some chocolate on top the cake.

I’ve had numerous emails promoting products for President’s
Day and read a few reports of several destroying and damning
our past presidents such as Washington and Lincoln.
But rah rah for the most current presidents who have literally
done a good job of destroying our great country in one
way or another. Go figure!
In times….a great distance in the past we’ve truly had some
presidents who believed in God, had morals, character and
values. Above all else looked at the well being of citizens of
of the United States in their decisions.

I had an email the other day that talked about one of the
Obama’s replacing their puppet Biden and thought, “Oh My”

Quite some time ago I did some research on Mr Obama,
his family, his place of birth and what’s important to him.
I remember finding out he believe because the U.S. robbed
his country Kenya of resources we should be destroyed and
pay for it. His time in office sure showed that in my opinion.
He divided blacks and whites, causing more division
than cooperation and started the process of our government
going into more debt that his mentally incompetent puppet
continues to this day.

Oh by the way if one is to search on Obama today you’ll
find only praise and countless post on fraudulent reporting
about Obama.
I was surprised although I probably should know better.

I am not apologetic for those I may offend that still say
‘Oh Hail Obama’ and ‘Biden’. I try not to be too political
but do call things as they are in hopes the sleeping dead
awake. You could be on the wrong website if are too
offended to agree to disagree.
I tend to not walk on egg shells in what I share and not
too worried to lose readership.
I even tell search engines to not follow my site and
posts. Either folks find Simply Backwoods cuz someone
shares or for some other reason or they don’t.

On a much more positive note than I’ve shared above
no matter whose the president on President’s Day
I remember those presidents who have helped making
this country the great country it has been! And I never
give up hope we may have an awesome president
again in the near future for America’s good and one
that may surprise us all in a good way.

I’m thankful I don’t have to count on the powers
that be to come rescue me for anything and neither
should you.

Have a good night and please don’t be too turned
off when I have a rant or two.

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Simply Backwoods

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