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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert Feb. 17, 2024Geoengineered Weather Report from Dane.
Keep your eyes open and share with others.
A long listen but so worth it.

Sometimes it can make one feel depressed listening
to what is going on.
An antidote to depression is stay alert, speaking
out as a person with a mission to help others,
continue to prepare and find solutions.
Whether it’s growing under cover or inside,
keep your focus no matter what.
God didn’t say to give up in adversary rather
to trust Him, foster our faith and listen to the
Holy Spirit for wisdom!

Have a peaceful and blessed day.
If you don’t have an in person church
Pastor Todd at Focus Church will be
online at 10:00.

Follow the link below to watch.
If your just reading you can still
watch the replay and be blessed.

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

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