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Simple Living at the Best
I have enjoyed watching this couple over time and always appreciate the different things they grow, all
their animals and various things they cook. Not sure of where their country is. I believe they are part of a community they share with although don’t always see many others.
Here’s another video at link below you might enjoy. I laugh to see at a couple points a bird and cat playing together.
Simple Living at the Best
Doesn't mean we didn't get more snow lol

Simple living at the best doesn’t mean no snow.
We got dumped on with about 3 inches more
snow and temps super cold again.
Poor Little Thor was taken back by the snow
and cold and has been kinda grouchy about it.

Before I forget if anyone of you commented
about the Berkey filter posts please post again.
I have inundated with tons of spam (although
it doesn’t see the light of day on the website)
I was going through the spam/phishing and
may have accidently deleted your comment
in anger at the idiots and crap they posted.

What are you up to for your Saturday?

I’m up to lots as usual lol

Simple living at the best is making apple cider vinegar

I’m getting ready to cut up some apples to make
Apple Cider Vinegar that will be chock full of
I’ll cut up the apple and put apple and peels all
in a quart jar covered with water and add honey.
It will sit covered for quite some time and I’ll stir
it daily. The longer it sits the better it’s going to be.
Once it’s done I’ll strain all the apple out and store
along with batches I already made.

Simple living at the best for me this morning includes Nutrient Survival Mixed Berry Drink chock full of vitamins and electrolytes.

I just made me a glass of Nutrient Survival
Mixed Berry Drink.

Some drink it after a work out to restore their
electrolytes besides full of vitamins.
Everyday is a work out here LOL
Help yourself to some at the link below:

Simple living at the best includes subscriptions at 20% off on some vital pantry items, drinks and more.

Nutrient Survival is also offering 20% off all subscriptions
plus free shipping until the 29th.
You can subscribe to Kitchen Basics like powdered milk, eggs, and butter. You can
save on meals for breakfast,lunch and dinner such as mac n cheese and oatmeal packs.
As well as drinks and more.

Simple Living at the best includes Nutrient Survival's Basic Bucket Sale

Another rocking goody is Nutrient Survival is taking Take 15% off the best selling Basics Bucket from 2/16-2/18 using code PAYDAYPREP

The bucket includes:

  • 2x Vitamin Milk Pantry Packs
  • 1x Vitamin Eggs Pantry Pack
  • 3x Vitamin Butter Bulk Pouch
  • 1x Vitamin Potato Pantry Pack
  • 1x Vitamin Tomato Pantry Pack
Simple Living at the best is also making some oatmeal, raisin chocolate chip cookies

Later on I’ll be mixing up another batch of oatmeal, chocolate chip and
raisin cookies. Nice to have a yummy snack on hand.
Last batch I made with coconut oil but since haven’t replenish my
stock I’ll be using some of my powdered butter from Nutrient Survival

Simple living at the best includes Nutrient Survivals Powdered butter

.It’s finally warming up here to about 13 degrees with wind chill
so I’m going to hurriedly take Little Thor out and feed the birds.

May you have the very best Saturday.
Accomplish what you can and keep putting one
foot in front of the other.

P.S. I no longer am allowing search engines such as Google to index
and follow my post as much as is in my power.
Whoever finds my site really wants to find it and be here.

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

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