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I have to laugh rather than get mad at the following always below videos
that address issues with climate and geoengineering weather:
“Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels“.
You bet it’s caused by humans by spraying chemicals from planes in the sky.
If one does research the heat and weather conditions have been the same
over many years and not because of climate change and fossil fuels. But of
course now as the weather is being geoengineered those that be are creating
climate change.
Another example of showing our interests are not paramount rather control,
power and destruction

Any who, at about 2:02 in the video Dane talks about the trees dying
and why and across more throughout the video.

I’ll quit with my rant and leave you to hopefully take the time to
watch Dane’s newest report.
The only hope we have of changing things is to be awake and attempting
to wake up others as the Lord leads.
Surely to speak out these days puts a target on our back as well as Dane’s
but so be it if the destruction might be stopped.

Have a good night.
Stay alert, awake and don’t forsake the Lord’s peace.

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