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Bringing a beautiful day to an end

Bringing a beautiful day to an end.
I enjoyed the warmer weather although
windy. It was a beautiful day and the
clouds were awesome.

For autumn the leaves really haven’t
changed colors much. Not sure if
it’s due to hot temps and chemtrails.
How about where you are?
I know the warmer days are coming
to an end near the end of the week.

Thor enjoyed the beautiful day even though he has less hair now lol

Little Thor got his first official grooming
and doesn’t look like the same dog.
He’s not going to like the colder weather
and will be wearing his little shirt to keep
the chill off.

I’m keeping this short tonight but plan to share
more tomorrow.
I wanted to be sure to share the Counter Economy
coming up tomorrow with John Bush.

I continue to learn about the coming digital currency
and want to learn all I can to make changes in whatever
way I can. I hope you can plug in and if can stay to the
end John is giving away some free Monero.
If you can’t stay the whole time I know there will be
a replay. It will be very worth watching and taking notes.

Have a restful night and look forward to sharing
more of what I’m up to tomorrow.

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