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Good evening.
As September and National Preparedness
Month is winding down,
Autumn seems to be showing itself here.
How about where you are?

I appreciate something about every season
but Autumn is probably a favorite.

There is something nice with the cooler breezes
and leaves changing among other things.

It’s a nice reprieve from garden fails and chemtrails
this year along with super hot temps.

Along with the change of seasons is a
change with Marie’s health.
We were at the vet Friday. She hasn’t
been feeling well, coughing up a lot
of mucus and moving super slow and
very little actually.
Her X-ray showed a small mass so
vet sent it to a more specialized
radiologist to see what they think.
Praying not cancer.
Since she does have a collapsed
trachea vet said it could be due
to chronic bronchitis.
For now she’s on antibiotics and
meds for the cough and to thin
the mucus.
Hoping to hear back tomorrow
on X-ray results.

I know having older dogs they don’t
live forever as much as we love them
and don’t want to let them go, their
times come so I keep being brave.
Poor Little Thor will be lost if he
loses Marie but he’ll adjust in time
and keep playing with the cats and
being a bark-a lot boy lol

In the meantime I keep working with her
to get her to eat and drink lots of water.

I’m still working to revive the plants
from outdoors and slowly starting new plants.
It’s been an uphill battle for certain.

I’m still so beyond frustrated what happened
with growing outdoors.
The plants still doing alright outdoors is the
sweet corn. They are more under cover from
what their spraying.
I’ve done everything I normally do from watering
to fertilizing but it’s been to no avail.

When the grocery stores aren’t an option with
vegetables sprayed with altering chemicals
such as Appeal, meats and other foods being
altered, I am not giving up and pressing on.
As I can afford to I order from companies
I can trust.
A couple places I order from are HoosierHill
in Indiana and
Good places to get a lot of staples and whole
powdered milk as well as wheat berries, wheat
berry flours, lentils and more.

Nutrient Survival Coffee

I’ve tried almost all the samples from
Nutrient Survival and don’t like all of
of them but the Vitamin Coffee is a
huge hit with me. It’s not some wimpy
watered down yuck. It’s delicous and
yes vitamin enriched too.
And a huge hit for me is their outstanding
customer service. Becky and Eric are amazing.
They also have a great Youtube Channel as
On a side note I’m not an up and coming
person on Youtube but so glad to watch
those I appreciate when I can.

I have read some information as to what
is going on but most in my circle aren’t
seeming to address these issues.
I guess if one doesn’t talk about it or
acknowledge what’s happening to our
food supply beyond just high prices then
it doesn’t have to be dealt with.
I could be jealous of those who seem
to still be growing food that hopefully
isn’t tainted when most all I planted failed.

Oh I did get some elderberries that are in
the freezer for now. I’m also attempting
to start some cuttings for more elderberry

I’ve read a few blogs and posts with
lots of tips of how to do things in a positive
way but again not finding a lot addressing
issues along with positive answers to what
we face in the world today.
I know, I know, positive is probably more
our attitude than anything but seems I
need to work a bit harder to share some
positive solutions and let 2023 be full
of more solutions than fails or shortcomings.
Of course there are tons of youtube vids
on things going on but not all accurate
and leads to brain overload.

My positive solution is to not grow outdoors
anymore unless your plants are undercover
of trees, in greenhouses or hoop houses.
In addition, to take even baby steps
continually to be as prepared as possible.

If we aren’t proactive to do whatever we
can then the only choice is to kiss the
arse of the powers that be and expect
the government to take care of us. Not
a real likely prospect.

Which brings me to it being National Preparedness

I was reading an article from one of my favorite sites, in regard to enjoying the coolness of
Autumn but preparing for Winter.
If you think like me you try to stay a few steps
ahead of everything. Winter isn’t any exception.
I have read some predictions that winter will
not be very pleasant at all this year. In Iowa
it’s always cold in winter but if it’s worse than
normal like everything else has been I want to
be as prepared as possible. also has a great little Sidekick that can
power cell phones and other things. and it comes with a
solar panel as well.

My income is somewhat limited but I’m doing all
I can to continue to filter and stock up water. I have
also started to keep non-filtered water in the kitchen
I use for the outdoor animals I feed. If need be that
water can be filtered as well.
I’ve reduced my water usage a lot but notice my bill
still being high with only $17 of water used.
They sock me for things like sewage, storm drainage
and waste removal to a tune of about $72 in addition
to my water use. Grrrr
As much as the municipal water company boasts
of giving us clean water I’ve read reports that
it hasn’t tested and reported findings of the water
since 2021 and it wasn’t as clean as they like us to
believe or up to standards.

I have the larger pond that thankful rain has filled
up a lot. It’s for back up so plan to put a
livestock water heater in it as long as we have power
up and running it will keep at least an area of the
water thawed enough if need emergency water to
Otherwise can you imagine me out there chipping
ice in below zero weather lol
Could be a reality though.

When I received my refund from Lowe’s for the stove
they won’t fix since it’s gas,
I purchased a Big Buddy Heater and two 20lb propane
tanks and the adapter. I do still need to get some
D batteries for it’s fan soon as well. And of course
keep stocking up on Propane.
Shoot if the propane didn’t explode with the heat
from fires in Lahaina I’m not too worried about
storing it.

I continue to stock up little by little on food and
pantry supplies. As things I’m growing inside that
I have extra of, I’ll can or dehydrate.

I have plenty of excess eggs continually so I’m
scrambling them with a bit of water and dehydrating
to make into an egg powder that can be rehydrated
with a little water.

I’m also investing in the indoor candle powered oven
and heater that can be cooked on from Patriot Supply

I’m doing all I can to be proactive and be prepared.
I always am hopeful I’ll have time to get whatever I
need but if I don’t I’ll just have to do my best and
polish some bartering skills if anyone is around
trustworthy enough to do so with.

I’m very aware as hard as we try to not stress and
do our best there will always be things we forget
or not able to get.

What kinds of things are you stocked up on,
planning to get and what would be things
you don’t want to overlook getting?

The Lord tells us not to worry about what to eat
or what to wear and also through Scripture see
examples of how he told people to be prepared
for things like famines that lasted some time as well.
We trust Him, cast our cares on Him and trust He
will see us through one step at a time.

Honestly, if I don’t continue to cast things on the
Lord and let masses of information and fear rule
I’d lose it for certain!

Well I need to wind this down and get it shared.
Have a great rest of the week everyone and hope
to get my rear here a bit more often.

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Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

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