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When it Rains it Pours but a good night
to be in warm and cozy

Good evening. This autumn day was
rainy, wet with wind and leaves blowing

It’s a good evening to be in with
a warm drink and yummy snack.

The chickens didn’t get to go out and are
none too happy. Weather warm enough for
them to be out is coming to a close anyhow
but would have been nice to have got them
out a few more times.
We have a freeze warning for tonight.
Just not sure I’m ready for colder
weather but is anyone lol

The dogs are happier to stay inside.
Marie not feeling so good would be
happier to use potty pads than go out
but I still have her go out as much as

I started this post last evening and a weird
thing happened for the second time this
week. My computer screen went void of
anything on it and the computer wouldn’t
shut down no matter what I did.
Perhaps my desktop is getting ready
to give it up or something else is
going on. I surrendered this morning,
unplugged it and started over.
I hate using my laptop and means I’ll have
remember all my user names and passwords
since it’s not my main computer. I’m sure
there are worse things to contend with.
Earlier my internet was down again so had to
wait to finish writing this. Just glad to get back

Enough of my rambling. Have the best night.
Stay safe and Keep Preparing.

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Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Good to see you’re still pushing forward. God knows it isn’t very easy these days.
    Sorry to hear about Marie, I understand how much it sucks.
    I had to take a job at the local walmart. As it turns out, reselling in a crashing economy doesn’t pay the bills as well as it used to. Less disposable income to go around means people stop buying collectables and other stupid garbage. I am continuously amused at what people do buy.
    At the rate of inflation I was coming up short every month and sometimes dipping into savings. People are really hurting.
    Nice to see your blogs back up, I will check back more often to keep up.
    Prayers for you and your doggos.
    Have a peaceful day.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      I’m definitely pushing forward and I know you are as well.
      It’s probably helpful to be working at Walmart and helps to
      have more income for what is needed. I’m sure it can be amusing
      to see what people are buying at times.
      I know people are hurting with continued rise of inflation and
      still I’m surprised sometimes what people are buying. I suppose
      they figure they have more income to waste but as you and I know
      every bit counts these days.
      Finances are super tight here and just doing the best I can each
      Marie is hanging in there thankfully. I appreciate your prayers.
      I hope your girl is doing well now and no more episodes after
      scared you had awhile back.
      I hope you have a super good day and all goes well.
      Stay at peace and keeping trusting the Lord will
      be there every step of the way.

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