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Too many tabs open in your brain?
I feel like this sometimes. And have to
stop and slow down.
With so many things on my plate I
can get overwhelmed at times.
The very way I don’t want to live
my days actually.

This year with covid not being like it had been
(unless you watch television and
pfizer commercials lol) Many are going
whole hog with Thanksgiving, the meal
and family gatherings.
I’m thankful Thanksgiving isn’t one of the
overwhelming tabs open in my brain.
But I’m definitely celebrating Thanksgiving
with my family.
My daughter is having Thanksgiving at her
All I made was Baklava to bring.
Of course there was enough that
I kept some for me to have too.
It’s so sweet and I won’t be making
a steady diet of it lol
I made the turkey I was gifted for adding
to the dogs food and to make some
hearty meals for the next week.

I’m choosing once again to combat
overwhelm with a spirit of
Thanksgiving in all things.
In spite of the crazy stupid world
we live in, The Lord protects and
provides for me in every aspect
of life.

With colder weather here now I’m
thankful to have most everything
done outdoors I plan to for now.
I have a bit of weatherization to do
in the next few days to get finished
Temps usually are freezing or below
during the night and thankfully they
warm up some during the day.

Last weekend the chickens had their
last times outdoors. Now it’s indoors
only. They are getting used to it slowly
but a whole lot of fussing goes on with
them at times.
I’m slowly stocking up on foods to ferment
more for them. Things like lentils, black
sunflower seeds, oats, cracked corn and more
will make their winter months inside a lot nicer.

It’s getting late so want to get this published.
My suggestion for the times overwhelm gets
ya is to focus on a spirit of thanksgiving for
all the Lord has provided.

Have a restful night.

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