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Looking for and finding the Good
even on a cold winter evening

Looking for and finding the good.
These are my thoughts a lot the last several days.

Today was the funeral of Dan Marburger the principal of
Perry High School aproximately 40 miles from me.
A 17 year old boy came out of the bathroom with a shotgun,
hand gun and explosive he made and started shooting.
A six grader was killed and five other students injured.
Dan was protecting the kids behind him when he was shot.
He died 10 days later. We all were so hopeful he was
going to make it. It is heart breaking and so close to home.
The whole community in Perry, Iowa has come together
In ways usually not seen. While most scream about
more gun control they didn’t take this stance.
Dan’s wife and daughter spoke of looking for the
good and people to love and be there for as Dan was.
If you’d like to read some of the story here’s a link:
Perry, Iowa shooting

One has to continue to look for and find the good
in life around us.

Earlier today a pastor who every year on his
birthday raises money and fills up people’s gas
tanks did just that. He raised an excess of $40,000
and filled a everyone’s gas tank that he could with
the help of volunteers in Des Moines, Iowa.
Now that is kindness and good we need more of.
My daughter went and partook of this and I also
followed some other folks experience a little.

My daughter said there was a lot of confusion
at first with so many people flooding this one
gas station and police were directing people
in a way that messed with people who had been
in line for a long time and from the start.
That turned around eventually and police
started directing folks.

Unfortunately when kindness comes out so
does evil, selfishness and greed.

I do know many are really struggling lately
with finances, food, gas, etc. But people
can act very badly when someone is giving
something away like gas.
One person said he was called a black mfker
and the guy cut in front of him nearly hitting
his car.
Other folks got out of line, went to different
streets and starting cutting in front of those
in line.
Good news is that the police started sending
those folks back to the end of the line.

I shared all that to say I saw the reality
where many people are these days in a huge way.

There is many loving others and doing kind
things to help alleviate the hardship.
Yet even though shared with me via 3rd party
I saw the evil side of people I hadn’t witnessed
to such an extent.

I hope all his is making some sense.
I like to think I’m aware of how a lot
of folks are living and acting but it’s always
from folks in other states usually.
More things just seem to be hitting home
and real close to home.

You know what this all makes me want to be!
I want to be more of the solution however I can
and not act like the evil side coming out of folks.
And pray for young people like the kid
who came to the Perry High School and
shot people. Obviously something was
very wrong in his life that his parents
weren’t even aware of.

On to some other ways I looked for good
and actively sought out finding it.
I partook in the Greater Reset 5 put on
by Derrick Broze with lots of great speakers.
If your interested in watching some you can
find replays on Rumble I believe.
I watched and learned from several speakers
with some valuable information, took note
of their websites to learn more.
My main interest was permaculture and
regenerative agriculture.
There was a lot of emphasis on parallel
living, freedom from tyranny, alternatives
to CBDC’s, community, etc.

I took note of much shared and praying
about the way to go with some of this.
At this point I am limited on building
community with anyone near me but
certainly am grateful for those not
necessarily local that I connect with
and are likeminded.
I’m pressing in to find what solutions
are going to work for me in regard to
digital currency and other things.

Yesterday I spent some time learning from
some speakers with The School of Simple
Living I was invited to.
Again my focus was on permaculture and
regenerative agriculture
I learned a lot on this I hope to share in the
near future and I will be implemented what
I learned.

So much more I’d like to share but it’s getting
late and want to share this. No worries I will
be back sharing lots more.
Rather than live in fear and uncertainty this
weekend I’ve chosen to educate myself, find
solutions and praying for direction.
I’m not just going to sit back and do nothing.
I’m finding and looking for the good a day
at a time in order to thrive beyond just surviving.

The emphasis for me is on growing food to feed
myself and my family if times require this so I need
solutions that are workable in an age where they
are spraying particles in the air that are detrimental
to plant life and Geoengineering weather to further
sterilize the soil.
I’ll be sharing more on this in days to come.

Have the best night.

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