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Listen to Recent podcast from Dane on Jan. 27, 2014
I hope you will watch the video all the way through even though it’s long. Well worth seeing this!
If you can’t watch all the way through then please return and watch it. Can’t say how long youtube
will allow Dane to post the truth so get informed!

What do we do now?
Is Climate Engineering a Curse or a Conspiracy?
Once upon a time this kind of stuff would have been
a good apocalyptic movie or book.
Now it’s more reality than those with eyes closed
want to acknowledge.

What do we do now?

The above is what my garden looked
like last year when everything died
and quit growing after continually
chemical spraying.

What do we do now?

The above is what my garden and
Plants looked liked the previous year.

And this was the previous year before one above
with bees present.

What do we do now?
More specifically what am I going to do!

What do we do now?

This is the snow outside with
Little Thor running on the path
I created.
The snow still looks just as high
as in this picture even though this snow
fell on January 8th. To walk on the
snow is interesting. It’s not soft
and one doesn’t sink in. It’s hard
even with temperatures being warm.
Today it’s almost 50 degrees.
My mind is boggled and playing
in the snow isn’t going to happen

I refuse to be defeated! I am
learning all I can and looking for
solutions. Investigating and
sharing Dane’s work on Geoengineering
so you and others can be aware and
choose to pay attention or not. This
day and age to acknowledge anything
that doesn’t look like the ‘normal’ of
days past makes one a conspiracy theorist.
Normalcy Bias is alive and well and even
in some prepper groups.

I know God never fails us and always has
a plan so I’m trusting Him for wisdom daily.

I’m taking courses through a very trusted
sources on Permaculture, Geoff Lawton
and I keep asking questions and searching.
Sadly no one shares much about Geoengineering
of weather and no one answers my questions so

Sorry not real thrilling news to share in this post
but if we don’t speak out and address problems
facing us I think we block finding solutions someone(s)
may have.
If we’re preparing for whatever comes then we
have to deal with whatever comes too.

May the remainder of your day be a good one.
May you be hopeful and not discouraged but
fully awake and walking forward in preparing
one step at a time.
Until next time….

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Maybe soil testing? There are home kits, but also maybe there is a cooperative extension in your area? If they are spraying with a certain “thing/element” maybe there is a way to counter act it through soil amendments? It seems to me that it would be unwise for the elites to ruin something as important as soil irreversibly. There’s usually an antidote. You might not get a specific answer or total solution but you might learn a piece of the puzzle, like if your soil is too acidic/basic or high/low in other key elements.
    I have not seen much here in western NY but a YT channel called “boss of the swamp” up on the NY/Vermont boarder has mentioned that they are doing this in the Adirondacks too. I know Doug & Stacy in Missouri see it a lot too.

    Take care, God bless 🙂

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie.
      Thanks for your reply.
      I’m waiting for test results for soil test from Grower’s Solutions.
      I’m also going to contact the Iowa State Extension Service and see
      about a soil test through them as well. Since more local I want to see
      if any difference and/or suggestions. I’m not holding but breath but worth
      a shot.
      So far the only solution or antidote I know of is to grown under cover
      in a hoop house or something similar. As far as apple trees, pond water and such I
      will try to cover what I can as well.
      The planes have been spraying like crazy so concerned may not be able to save some things but I’ll
      The elites, Klaus with Davos and World Health Organization have an agenda to depopulate and control
      everyone around. And all in the name of climate control.
      Sadly this spraying probably has gone so far that reversing things if stopped will take years.
      I’m doing some studies in Permaculture with Geoff Lawson and learning a lot about amending the soil.
      I’ll try all I can since I’m not going to go hungry or lack but refuse to compromise to just eat.
      Thanks for sharing ‘boss of the swamp’. I did subscribe to his channel and watched one video with the
      trees dying. I remember Dane at Geoengineering Watch talking about the trees dying up on the mountain
      where he lives too. The calcium, barium, etc sprayed eventually make the trees unable to take up any
      Now makes sense why I’ve had trees fall for no reason and has taken the bewilderment out of it.
      I’ve heard Doug and Stacy talk about the chemtrails too and know they are going to grow a lot more in
      green house/hoop house. Their going to start what they call a university and take a lot of stuff off
      youtube since being shadow banned a lot. I have friends in Mississippi that are being shadow banned a lot too.
      There adding another hoop house there at Pecan Grove property.
      So many think this stuff is a conspiracy or just don’t wanna hear anything contrary to normal I suppose.
      We all just have to do what we can do and go forth and thrive rather than just survive.
      I hope work is going well for you and things at your homestead going well too.
      How’s your little Lucy dog?
      She fortunate to have you.
      Have the very best nice.
      Stay safe, peaceful and be richly blessed

      • Avatar Cindy


        Yeah I figured you’d be wayyyyyy ahead of me 🙂 on the soil testing, But that’s the two cents I had to throw in, LOL.
        Pecan Grove, that sounds like Danny & Wanda? I used to watch them a lot more but I get randomly unsubscribed from channels and then I forget.
        Things are well here. We (me, mom, and lucy) are all still relatively healthy, the vehicles and equipment still run, and the roof doesn’t leak. And I’m still employed. We take it one day at a time, everything we have is old, so we save for that which will eventually break. Ya’ know my furnace is 44 years old, original to the house, lol. We just haven’t really used it much in the last 25 years because of the wood stove. The tractor is old, the vehicles are both 2003’s. The roof is 20+ years old.
        Somehow we are still okay. It just keeps going.
        Give little Thor some snuggles for me.
        Catch ya on the next blog.

        • Avatar Cindy

          Hi Jamie.
          I always appreciate when you suggest things to do in a dilemma or things I’m pondering.
          I don’t have the answers and you have done enough things and are creative in solving
          Yes, Pecan Grove is Danny and Wanda.
          Youtube is good at unsubscribing us from channels randomly and drives me nuts at times.
          I usually try to catch Danny and Wanda on Saturday night Live when I can.
          They have a separate channel for Pecan Grove I try to catch up on sometimes too.
          I’m glad you, your mom and Lucy are dong well and staying as healthy as can.
          So much to be thankful for. Not having a roof leaking or furnace to replace is huge these
          Having an older tractor and vehicle is also a plus these days and much easier to figure
          out repairs.
          My car is a little newer and wish I hadn’t got rid of the older truck but oh well.
          Car isn’t that fancy but it works for me. I bought if from my daughter since her and
          hubby buy used cars and fix them up to sell. I was downsizing a bit so let the truck go
          but if car goes I’ll go back to an even older vehicle again.
          Having a wood stove helps tons and doesn’t require using the furnace too much that way.
          It’s kind of annoying no matter how much I cut back on water and gas/power use they
          always charge something just for their services.
          I have some propane back up if should be needed for heat too.
          Now they are trying to make having gas stoves illegal Lowe’s won’t fix the oven ignitor on
          small stove that uses batteries to ignite that my daughters gave me one year for Mother’s Day.
          I can still manually light oven pilot light with a fireplace match and burners light fine
          so screw them.
          I will definitely give Little Thor a snuggle or two from you. He has been grouchy this morning
          and gets to go to his time out spot when acts out toward me. I’m so glad Lucy is so much
          better now. give her snuggles from me too!
          Have the best day and keep on keeping on. Your doing all you can to keep everything going and thensome.

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