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Hello from snowy cold Iowa.
Here it is starting the 3rd week of January and I’m
just now getting here.

I just put the chickens to bed, made some popcorn and all cozy
to get here and share a little.

My days have been full and usually by now I’ve called it a night.
I’m pushing on a bit so can get here to share.

How is life going for you and how’s weather in your area?
I’ve lost track of how much snow we’ve had here and how
much snow I’ve pushed.
There isn’t any work that is happening outside the last couple
days though. It’s been blizzard conditions and this morning woke
to -40 with wind chill.

I’ve had plenty of warnings of the roller coaster ride has just began
with the weather. And not because of any global warming. That’s
a discussion for another day or year lol

I follow Mark with Weatherman Plus on youtube. He seems to
cover the whole of the U.S. and has been very accurate.
Seems like part of the country has had extreme rain and
flooding and some of us tons of snow and/or extreme

Little Thor hasn’t been able to go out in the last few days with temps so cold but
before got this cold and we had a break in the snow I shoveled him a little path.
He wasn’t out long and was seemingly bewildered by so much snow.
He normally loves to romp in the snow but didn’t like frozen paws and
not used to snow so high.
I’m glad he hadn’t been to get his hair cut yet and had some protection
from the cold.
He also isn’t used to potty pads and took him awhile to use them.
He thought he’d be in trouble if didn’t go out so just kept reassuring
him and loving on him.

The chickens have adjusted to being inside and we have a routine
I’ve been giving them lots of greens, sprouting lentils and red winter
wheat for them. In addition, I’ve been making them different treat
blocks and suet treats. I’ve heard it said a few times that ‘Chickens
can be like pigs with wings’
That fits my five chickens to the T. They love to eat and have their
preference for treats over food so I have to keep a balance with

Speaking of routine I need to get back to sharing more regularly.
So many things I want to share and don’t get it done.

I hope you all have the best night.
Stay safe, stay warm and keep preparing one step at a time.

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    Yeah, I’m still working full time. Reselling is just a losing battle at the moment. It’s very hard to make a steady wage. Costs have increased across the board. Honestly I have no idea how people are making any money. I go to online auction sites and people are paying way too much for everything. I do the math and it doesn’t add up. By the time you add in shipping, fees, etc. it’s just not worth it. So for the foreseeable future this the best way to keep some $$ rolling in.
    That’s so nice that little Thor has a playmate. Animals bring us so much joy.
    Y’all stay warm 🙂

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good afternoon Jamie.
      I hope your day is going well for you.
      I’d have hope to reply back to you sooner.
      Been busy at the home front and watching
      some of the Greater Reset 5 Derrick Broze has put on
      in Mexico with creating Parallel Economy
      and then some. Confirms a lot of things
      and gleaning what I can that works for me.
      I hope to share a little bit on it on the
      site later on hopefully.
      Your wise to look at the foreseeable future
      and bring in the income to do what is needed.
      It boggles my mind too how people are making
      money and spending like they do. Online auctions
      are becoming so costly as you’ve witness too.
      I’m glad Little Thor and one cat have a good time
      playing and hanging out.
      We’re just staying in with more snow fall yesterday
      and below temps continuing.
      Definitely staying warm.
      I hope you are staying warm too and stay safe as you go
      forth in your day.
      Continue to keep your focus and keep preparing every way
      you can.

  2. Avatar Cindy


    We just started getting snow here in western NY, well in my area anyway. Further west in Buffalo they are getting a lot as usual. We used to get our fair share of lake effect snow here but for the last 10-15 years the winds have shifted, now the snow lands a little further east.
    I went out yesterday to use the snow blower for the first time this season. I got about 100 yards from the shed with it when I noticed it was on fire. I quick shut it down and threw some snow on it. Turns out a mouse had built a nest under a plastic cover next to the exhaust. The exhaust got hot and ignited the dry nest. Fortunately it didn’t do too much damage, I was able to clean it out and get it running again. Mice are such a pain, especially in winter. We even have to set traps in the basement.
    I hear ya on the potty pads. When Lucy was down with the spine injury (IVDD) I had heck of a time getting her to do her business inside.
    Your little doggo is so cute.
    Are your chickens laying any eggs?
    Stay warm, stay positive, keep prepping, and may God bless you and your homestead.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie,
      It’s not a bad thing I suppose you don’t get as much snow as everywhere else.
      Darn mice are a real pain in the arse! I’m so thankful the fire didn’t do
      much damage to the snow blower and were able to get it running again.
      I’ve put stuff out for the mice and seems they have caught on.
      When I put the chickens inside their kennel for the night I’ve been letting
      the cats go downstairs. They usually come up with at least one dead mouse
      they caught. It’s cold enough outside I put them in a bag and put them outside
      on the door handle until morning.
      How are the wind chills where you are at?
      I just checked here and it’s -21.
      I took trash out and didn’t stay out long at all.
      I’m sure it was hard to get Lucy to use the potty pads too when she had the IVDD.
      Little Thor knows he needs to go out but it’s too darn cold. He’s finally started
      doing some better using the potty pads now.
      Little Thor is a cutie and thanks. One of the cats, Tiger plays with him a lot and even
      gives him a bath lol They are busy racing around the house together right now.
      My chickens usually lay from 3-5 eggs a day. I’m not complaining for only having
      5 chickens. I use a lot of eggs, freeze some and have even dehydrated some that
      I grind to a powder that work for scrambled eggs if need them. As long as fresh eggs
      not refrigerated or washed they last a long time if don’t use them.
      Are you still working or was that only over the crazy holidays?
      I hope you stay warm and hope not too cold there.
      Many blessings to you and your homestead as well. Keep preparing and staying
      positive yourself.
      I’m going to make dinner after I feed the chickens and watch a little of the
      Iowa Caucus. It’s such a three ring circus can only take so much of it.
      Have the best night!

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