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Evening at Simply Backwoods.
Winding down after a busy few days baking from scratch.

Winding down for my Monday.
I’ve been busy baking over last few days
and taking a break from baking.
Do you bake from scratch?

I’ve made bread for most of the week, with the addition of
cinnamon rolls and banana bread.
I make mistakes to learn from as I go and not too many flops so far.
A couple of mistakes I made this week:
1. Making banana bread and forgetting the sugar. And yes
I had to make a new loaf although the bananas did sweeten it quite a bit.
Just have to laugh at myself for doing this.
2. Second mistake was being really tired and putting the last loaf
of bread in frig to let finish rising in the morning.
Oh it rose fine and tasted just as good as my other loaves but looks
pretty goofy on top.

My lessons learned from putting my bread dough in frig taught me it isn't a very nice looking loaf even if tastes good. It's all good baking from scratch

Do you bake from scratch a lot more these days?
With the price of everything going higher and higher it’s still
less expensive to make everything I can myself.
And it can be delicious too. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
If your not already baking from scratch, go for it and have fun.

I usually purchase huge bags of flour among other things when I can and stay
stocked up.
What doesn’t come in a can or I don’t store sealed in buckets I put in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

I discovered a company, Wallaby that has the best customer service.
I especially like that each purchase comes with oxygen absorbers in small packets.
I don’t have to worry so much about a large package of oxygen absorbers
being exposed to oxygen.
Once I open the packet and use one I seal the rest right up in a canning jar.
I currently use the gallon size I seal with my iron and do want to try
the ziploc ones as well in the future.

Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers are a great way to store your food for long term. Wallaby mylar bags are an excellent choice.

Being on a limited income the mylar bags don’t break the bank either.
And that’s a good reason to smile.

I hope your doing well, staying prepared but at peace.

#bakingfromscratch #mylarbags


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    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Carla.
      I hope your day has went well.
      I enjoy baking from scratch for certain. And yes the house smelled so good.
      I continue to learn to make lots of things I’ve never made before.
      It’s a new adventure all the time and does save me money to make more things
      from scratch.
      It can wear a person out baking and making things so I try to be sure to set
      the day aside to be able to bake, clean up and do other things in between.
      It also allows me to have some time to sit down and rest my aching back. lol
      Are you able to bake a few things sitting on a stool or finding ways to not stress your body too much?

      • Avatar Cindy

        I can do some, but it’s very limited because I tire so easily. Cookies were always my specialty, as well as various kinds of muffins. When our sons were young, I did a huge amount of baking; all from scratch. I rarely made bread, which is odd and now I don’t remember why not. Bagels a couple of times (once successfully, once not), pretzels, cakes, pies. Over the years, I’ve posted a few of the recipes on my blog.

        • Avatar Cindy

          Hi Carla,
          I hope your day is going well for you.
          I understand you get tired easily so it limits you in being able to bake.
          I love cookies and muffins. Makes me think one of these days I need to make some again lol
          I probably did a lot more baking when the kids were home and grandkids were here more.
          I think it’s great you made bagels, pretzels as well as lots of other goodies. I’ve not tried bagels but have looked at a few recipes and will get brave and try some time soon hopefully. Since I’m learning I try not to get too discouraged with a fail and keep trying. I’ll have to give it a try regardless.
          When the kids were younger they weren’t so fond of homemade bread. Perhaps yours weren’t either.
          Now my 16 year old grandson loves when he’s here and I make homemade bread. He can’t wait to get some.
          If you ever decided you wanted to make bread maybe a bread machine would be an easier way to do so.
          I have one that I don’t use too much but have used it to cheat on occasion and let it knead the bread for me lol
          I’m always mindful that in a grid down situation for long term there may be no power so I try not to rely on appliances too much needing electricity.
          I definitely want to check out your recipes on your blog and will see if can get to it. If not please do share the address if you don’t mind. Others may want to make those recipes and see what your sharing too.
          I hope the rest of your day goes well. I hope later to write another article on my gardening adventure beginning since it’s finally warming up after the last freeze a few nights ago.
          I always appreciate your reading and commenting!

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