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Older Prepper Couple Walking in the Woods
Older Prepper Couple Walking in the Woods

Have you ever given thought as to how you will live life as a Prepper as you age or
perhaps your already older and prepping!
The topic has come up several time in preparedness groups and again recently
at Prepper Website on our monthly private email online meetup.
As much as I don’t want to wrap my brain around this or think about it,
being single, approaching 65 and spry as a spring chicken, I still need to start thinking and
planning as I head to living the ripe age of 100. LOL
Or perhaps SHTF will happen and for some reason I’m taken out of this life and
moved on to heaven with my Lord.

Being on a limited income but needing to get as much done as possible because of the
times we live in and knowing I may not always feel like a spring chicken, I have plans
to do a more permaculture pond filled by rain water as a water source, for swimming and for plant life around it.
The example below is a bit larger than I plan to do but will give you an idea. I’ve started digging slowly since weather has continued to be uncooperative.
I’ll also be using a large bubbler vs an pump. This will add plenty of oxygen to the pond.
I won’t be adding fish to this one. I may perhaps do one solely for fish somewhere down the road.

I store a lot of water but can one ever have enough water! Living near a residential area means
I use the city water system and you can imagine how this will go if SHTF.
I also was reading about a method called Gleying to seal the bottom of the pond. I need to research this a bit more but here’s an article on it I’ve found so far: How to Gley a Pond
I’m also exploring some primitive ways to do the bottom of the pond using wood ash and fire but need
to explore a bit more first. I’ll share as I go forth.

I am also planning to get rain barrels and working on a couple cisterns to fill with rain water. These can be used to water the garden as well as be filtered in the Berkey for drinking if need be.
A lot to get done before I am not moving as much LOL
I look forward to sharing as I go forth on these projects.
If you have any ideas or have done either a pond or cisterns, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I’m thinking how will I garden and grow food if not able to get around and stoop down as much. I haven’t got that far with this one yet but know I need to make myself think and plan ahead.

How about you? Are you older or thinking about how things need to be more manageable when you are not moving around as easily?

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    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Carla,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have you come up with ideas or implemented ways to help combat what your facing?
      It’s hard to look at that I’m slowing down and have to do things differently in time but know it’s not a very smart thing not to do so.

      • Avatar Cindy

        Yes, I’ve thought about it a lot and have implemented a lot of changes.

        The first thing was using a cane (the arthritis has affected all of my joints; it’s just plain old osteoarthritis, not rheumatoid. However, it has still had a crippling effect.) At first I was embarrassed and felt so conspicuous. But now I use it all the time, even in the house because even walking short distances makes the impact on my knees and ankles so much worse. I use a rolling walker with a seat if I’m going to have to walk more than about 25 feet. It has been a real blessing.

        I’ve learned to do housework from a rolling desk chair. There’s one in the kitchen and one in the living room. I use it to sweep, vacuum and mop. I roll over to the kitchen sink and load the dishwasher, scrub the sink, clean out the refrigerator and cook a little. It’s not very good for cooking because I have to stand up to look into the pots, but thankfully, my husband does a lot of the cooking, and I clean up. My contribution is usually peeling the potatoes and scraping the carrots, which I do sitting in the living room. Sounds crazy, but it works.

        He usually unloads the dishwasher, and takes out the trash. I sit on the side of the bathtub to sort the laundry, he puts it in the washer, then the dryer and when it’s done, brings it to me on the bed where I fold, then he puts it away.

        We don’t go many places anymore. Bible Study, the grocery store and the taco shop. Almost no place that doesn’t have a motorized cart. Two years ago I learned that I can’t go to big events anymore. Airports are really, really difficult. One of our sons moved several states away and we’ve traveled to see them a few times, but it’s hard.

        Last year was a learning experience. My husband and I both had the dreaded virus at the same time and he ended up in the hospital for several days and hasn’t completely recovered even yet. Our older son lives on our property and helped a huge amount, but he had his hands full and I tried to do as much for myself as possible. So I got a taste of what it would be like if I lived alone. More adapting, especially with meals.

        This was probably much more information that you were asking for.

        You have an interesting blog, which I’ve bookmarked and will be checking in on again, soon.

        • Avatar Cindy

          Hi Carla,
          Heavens “no” you didn’t share more information than I asked for.
          I’m very thankful your sharing what you and your husband are going through.
          Your input is very important for myself and others that come here and join in the conversations.
          I’m sorry you both got virus and your husband is still recovering from it. It can really can it’s toll on a person.
          I had it at Christmas time and sadly spent the holiday not getting to be around family. Especially sad since don’t
          get to see great grandkids from Kansas often.
          My daughter works at a school with special needs kids and not always in best of health, with parents who aren’t always
          responsible with their kids health and prefer to get a break from them when they go to school.
          So she got it first and brought it here since she comes for lunch break.
          I didn’t get it real severe even with lung issues and was more like a severe, long lasting cold.
          I’m glad your son lives on property and helped when he could. It sounds like a huge learning experience.
          It goes to show we can adapt but doesn’t mean not difficult to carry out those day to day tasks and make meals.
          I live alone with my dogs and cats so if get real sick I’d definitely have to adapt or call on my daughter for help
          if possible. I prefer to adapt and do more myself than call on others if possible.

          It does sound like you and your husband have a system worked out to get things done.
          I know the cane and roller walker has to make a big difference to get around.
          Osteoarthritis is no joke and can make it painful to get around.
          My mom has it and does use a cane and rolling walker. She is greatly slowed down. They live a big house and had
          fixed up their basement and spent most of time down there but now are moving upstairs to not have to navigate steps.
          I take note of how she adapts and is doing things and trying to learn from her.
          I do believe having a positive and hopeful attitude makes a huge difference.
          What I’ve read on osteoarthritis being as active as possible is a plus too. So your doing the right thing to do what you
          can and how you have found to do so.

          Do you use CBD oil or anything to help be more comfortable?

          I like that you use the rolling chair to get around and do certain things. I read on another group that same idea
          when they were talking about how to deal with getting older and getting around. Someone has a wife with difficulty
          getting around and he uses an office chair on wheels to get her around.

          It definitely has to be a must not going anywhere that doesn’t have a motorized chair.
          I do online Bible Study and Sunday service online with Todd at Focus Church in Katy, Texas if you think this is something
          that may be helpful to you.

          I’m glad you’ve bookmarked the site. I appreciate you being here and sharing.
          I better quit rambling and end this for now. I hope to possibly do a new post this evening.
          I know everything I share may not apply but hope what I’m up to helps you and others. I definitely
          plan to write more on being older and prepping as time goes on and look forward to it.
          Have a good night. Be restful and peaceful!

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