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Internet Issues Resolved

Hello everyone.
My apologies for being absent.
I’ve had a lot of issues with internet and my vpn.
Thankful things seem to be restored. Well most
of the time anyhow.
It’s late but while Internet Issues Resolved
I want to continue on with something that’s
been on my mind-Purifying Water.

Purifying Water in Days to Come

To prepare for events to come means we need to think and plan ahead.
Whether it’s the shtf because of what
is going on in our world, a natural disaster, cyber attacks or anything
that threatens having good, clean water to drink and cook with.

I store a lot of water and have a Berkey Filtration system I love.
I also have a couple ponds for water that will be valuable in
a water shortage.

You probably have or have thought of other means
to purify your water.
What will you do if those are nearing the end of their

I do think about the fact I’m having to be really creative about
continuing to store water and where.
What if the water shortage is ongoing or permanent and I no
longer have clean filters in my Berkey to filter the water from
the ponds outside or elsewhere and I can no longer get them?
What if the CBDC implements a social credit score and because
I don’t follow the protocol I can’t get municipal water?

Granted I’ve learned about some more primitive means
to filter my water for it to be drinkable. Probably you have
as well.
In the first few months of life not being normal and so much
to tend to, I ask myself am I going to want to expend any
more energy than I need to for a time?

Internet issues resolved.
Now onto purifying water with aquatabs

This is where Aquatabs come in.
What are Aquatabs you may wonder!
Aquatabs are effervescent tablets that kill microorganisms in water to prevent water borne diseases leading to a 99.9999% reduction in bacteria, a 99.99% reduction in viruses and a 99.9% reduction in Cysts (Giardia) within 30 minutes, when used in non-turbid (dirty) water.

As we’re getting older and preparing now, we need to
be sure we have clean water to drink and cook with!
I definitely want my older parents to have these on hand.

Aquatabs come in a smaller packages of 30 all the way
up to a box of 10,000 tablets that will keep you in Aquatabs
for some time. I’m thinking a couple boxes may be even better
for me to have on hand.
I encourage you to visit Aquatabs FAQS and learn
more and make your purchase.

Internet Restored so no onto Aquatabs Inline hook up

I also think it’s so cool there is an Aquatabs Inline
that can be attached to our faucet for municipal
water on a gravity fed system. No electricity is
needed either.

Internet restored means I can focus on this cool Aquatab Flo coming soon.

Also coming soon is the Aquatab Flo that can disinfect
47, 500 gallons of water in a tank as it fills up.
I have my eye on this for certain for a future use
and when it’s available. And again no electricity
needed which is super important if the power grid
is down.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and look forward
to hearing your thoughts about making sure
you have clean water to drink and cook with.
I encourage you to head on over to Aquatabs
and be sure to stock up on the tablets to
ensure you have water as times get worse around us.

Remember to seek to be at peace not letting fear
overtake you as we hear and see what is going on
in our world.
Keep your focus and keep planning.
And always keep preparing one step at a time.

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