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Baby Chicks, Growing and Water

Good evening.
I’ll keep this short probably this evening.
My apologies for being absent for awhile.
I have now 3 day old baby chicks that are doing super well.
They are in a small kennel inside of a bigger one to keep
kitty paws out. I look forward to lots of eggs when they
are about 6 months old.

They’ll be inside here for some time and soon will be in the
bigger kennel after I secure it from kitty paws. Then I will decide where
they’ll be relocated after they are a bit bigger and older.
I’m looking into chicken coops and all my options.

With all the chicken farms that have caught fire and some
dishonesty about bird flu (maybe a lot of dishonesty)
that has resulted in even culling healthy birds,
I’m going to be very careful where I put them.
Not to mention the plans of the powers that be
thinking cows, chickens and pigs are harming
the environment so we shouldn’t have any, eat
meat except from a lab and ingest lots of bugs
in our foods.

I’m fairly certain those making these plans are
still eating steak, chicken and pork chops.

I’m still focusing on 2023 being the year of
solutions not focusing on fear and problems
without looking for alternatives.

Then there is the poison intentionally
released by burning toxic chemicals in Ohio
that has a lot more far reaching effects than
I expected.

Friends of mine at Deep South Homestead
shared a chemical spill in Hernando, Mississippi,
Desoto County of Hydrofluoric Acid.
This hasn’t been in the news to my knowledge
and I had to search for it.

Anyhow I contacted Berkey to ask if their filtration systems
can remove the dioxin and other toxic chemicals
such as those from Palestine, Ohio.
They stated that possibly the black filters may
remove some but not with any certainty.

Aquatabs also stated the tabs will not remove the
toxins either.

I was watching a few videos Alaska Prepper did
on youtube. He talked about Reverse Osmosis,
specifically Simpure and I signed up as an affiliate.
I’m waiting to see if they payout in some other
means besides PayPal.
I know they have under the sink models and
counter models.
Reverse Osmosis by far seems the best solution I’ve found
but I do encourage you to keep doing
your research and be careful.

It’s so very important to have drinkable water that is
safe and for other things we need it for.

Chicks, growing and water
includes Little Thor and Kitties too lol

It’s getting late for me and I’m going to get
puppy Thor to his bed and wind down for the night.

There is so much going on in our world.
Now more than ever we must stay at peace
with our Lord at the center, stay focused,
and keep preparing one 👣step at a time.

Have a restful night and peaceful Sunday


  1. Avatar Cindy


    That’s great you got some chickens. Try not to buy chicken feed or related items with debit/charge cards, or ever give companies your name when purchasing such items. It makes your chickens harder for them to find if there is a “mysterious outbreak of bird flu of unknown origin” anywhere near by. And by “near by” I mean with in 100+ miles of any commercial flock. They apparently will come after backyard flocks under the guise that they could harm the commercial flock. Basically any excuse to destroy your ability to take care of yourself.
    Thanks for getting back to us on the berkey filters. Without lab tests I imaging it’s hard for them to say. It also seems to be a very caustic/flammable chemical, so maybe it would just eat the filters. Vinyl chloride might be like trying to remove gasoline, probably worse?

    You are taking some great steps forward, thumbs up 🙂
    I’m working too, getting things patched up, packed up, painted up, sold, donated, etc. Sometimes it seems endless, but what’s the old saying? How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. 🙂
    God is good.
    Have a great and productive day.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie.
      I agree not buying chicken feed and items with a debit/charge card.
      I totally agree on the tracking and when trying to care of
      ourselves any excuse to destroy the means to do so works for them.

      I am thankful to have the chicks and looking forward to them being egg
      layers in time.
      They aren’t even a week old but doing very well and have to keep up with
      them since they eat so much lol
      I moved them to a bigger kennel and when I come to feed them or clean their
      water they are chirping like crazy and trying to get out lol
      I zip tied heavy cardboard up all the sides so no kitty paws going in there
      hurting the little cuties.

      I’m praying for the best solution for the chicks when their bigger.
      The way things are I’m not really wanting to advertise to the world
      I have chickens. Although the neighbors not too far away do have a rooster,
      chickens and quail. I enjoy hearing them in the mornings.

      I’m going to get new black filters for the Berkey I have and may get
      a reverse osmosis for the counter when I have enough ahead to get it ordered.
      At this point I probably don’t have any threat of the toxins here but it’s been
      traveling down the water ways so I think having safe water put back as much as
      possible is a very good idea. I’m keeping my eyes open for a 55 gallon food grade
      drum to put downstairs. My downstairs is tricky to get anything too tall down
      there but a barrel would work on it’s side.

      I’m glad your getting things done so can move on. It’s a lot of work
      but like you said, How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.
      Keep on going and press on. Your going to get there so can get moved.

      Have the best night and hope your day has been a good one.

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