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Winter is Still Here

Weather has been a real roller coaster ride here.
It warms up in the high 50’s then drops again and
we get dumped on with snow again.
Winter keeps saying, “I’m still here”.

I’ve been super busy with organizing my growing area
in the downstairs area, starting seeds and transplanting what
has started growing enough to be moved to a bigger

Tonight I put up another set of growing lights to get ready
to plant more. Some seeds will be directly sowed in the
vertical planters.
I decided not to stack the Greenstalk vertical planters and like them
being separated. I am finding them too cramped when stacked
to let the grow lights get to them correctly.

Winter is still here but 
the strawberries are growing

Not the best shot above but these are one of the planters
with strawberry starts. I have three planters started for now.
Consequentially the cats aren’t allowed in the downstairs
area anymore. I don’t need the plants dug up.

So I haven’t been here too much and am going to try to
rectify this.
Working on plants, baby chicks now 2 weeks old that eat
like crazy and make a mess at times, keeping Little puppy
Thor out of trouble. My granddaughter was here today and
jokingly said Thor has ADHD lol
He is a little wild man for sure.
Also treating an abscess on my dog,Rusty that isn’t going away
very fast.
His vet can’t come yet but she did prescribe some
antibiotics. I’m doing Epsom salt compresses,
putting honey with crushed garlic on it and keeping
it clean.
Garlic cloves when crushed release allicin that has
antimicrobial properties that creates a resistance
to bacteria. Thus I put in honey (Manuka Honey is
the best) and the longer it sets the better it gets.
I’ve used it many times for cuts or wounds as well as
take a teaspoon a day by mouth myself.
Praying just as the Lord can heal me He will continue
to heal my old man Rusty.

The chicks are now in a bigger kennel because their
growing a lot more. I’ll have to get a picture of one of the
cats sitting on top and watching them.
My daughter and I are in this venture together to have
a long term supply of eggs for the future.
We’ve been looking at chicken coops and most of them
one can purchase are not big enough to handle more than
a couple chickens although they make them look so
appealing. Their very deceptive actually.
The garage I don’t use except for a freezer and storage
as well as feeding neighbor cats could be an option with
a chicken run out one door.
I’d have to super secure it though since I have possums
and racoons who like to help themselves to the cat food.
The weather is way too unpredictable to have the chicks
outside for some time but good to be planning ahead now
and making decisions.

I’ve been somewhat watching and paying attention to
what’s happening with the banking system and other
world events.
I pay attention enough to be aware but refuse to let it
cause me to spiral in fear all the time. Rather I’m letting
things going on motivate me to keep going and doing
my best in being prepared.
I’ve set up a crypto wallet but haven’t bought any to store
in it yet. I’m just undecided the course of action to take about
some things.
Well enough for now but look forward to being back here
a lot sooner and can expound on some of my thoughts
and what’s going on as well as what I’m up to.
Hope to get a few more pictures of chicks and plants.

I encourage you to keep the Lord close and press into
Him. As times get rougher He will be our mainstay.

Seek to stay peaceful, Stay focused and Keep Preparing
One 👣 Step at a Time.

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