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Good evening. I hope your day has been well.
I wanted to share a bit of my gardening journey so far. Are you gardening this year?
If your not gardening, I encourage you to do so even in buckets.
With the state of our economy and food prices, growing your own food is a valuable asset!

How’s your gardening journey? If you do garden, have you started planting?
A few days ago we had a frost and glad I covered my cabbage and cauliflower.
It’s been warmer temps the last two days and just a lot of rain.
Not bad for here since many places are experiencing drought.
I look forward to getting out, getting the ground worked a bit more
and get plants and seeds in.

I shared a few images above of plants outside and a few pictures of what I have
waiting to hit the dirt outside soon.

A little side note:
I had planned to share last night but for reasons I still don’t understand, my internet was
misbehaving badly. It still is today. I had made a video of the plants but that didn’t go
well either. So I adapt and images will have to do.

The apple tree starts are looking healthy and ready to go out.
I also started some more seeds in wet paper towels yesterday and put them
in the frig to get them sprouting.
It’s important to sort of fake the apple seeds out that it’s winter.
I can’t remember why right off hand but it works.
One can plant the seeds right in the dirt in the spring or in the fall.
I do also want to try grafting some different apple trees starts in the root ball of existing apple trees and enjoy the variety I may get.

I have sweet potatoes growing in pots but I will put them in the ground soon.
I enjoyed starting them from sweet potatoes I had. I’m glad I have did the process
of growing them in the pots.
I will start some others and plant in pots and leave them to grow inside.
As I get older growing in buckets raised up and higher beds outside is a real

A funny story from several years ago. I had started some sweet potatoes in buckets. I had them in the basement of my old house by the window.
For whatever reason I forgot about them over the winter.
In the spring I went down to see them still growing and flourishing. No sweet potatoes but there was a enough moisture down there they kept right on thriving.

Sweet potato leaves and greens are fantastic in salads and had to keep my hands off what I was growing inside lately so I had something to plant lol

Thanks for reading and look forward to sharing more of my gardening journey soon.
I hope your night goes well.

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