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Cold weather soup hits the spot with temps consistently
below freezing and a few snow flakes flying.
I made this chicken veggie soup and some buttermilk
drop biscuits. I have enough to eat it all week if I choose.
I am going to thicken some of my soup and make a top
crust for a pot pie and will add a nice touch instead of
just soup and biscuits.

I may make some more buttermilk biscuits that I roll out
in order to have them for breakfast sandwiches as well.
I don’t buy buttermilk anymore with the high price of it.
Instead a tablespoon of vinegar in my cup of milk makes
perfect buttermilk.
I’m going to try this recipe from Cincy Shopper using a
Bisquick or in my case a baking mix.
I will have to find my sifter but looks like this will
make some nice fluffy roll out biscuits.
Biscuit Recipe

With rising prices and living on a limited income I try to make meals
that stretch. Although I do rotate my supplies some items I
try to leave alone. If I have plenty of flour and baking supplies
for instance, there is no reason to open those mylar bags.

How are you faring with rising prices of just about everything?
What kinds of things do you do to make food stretch, make
the best and wisest purchases you can?

Puppy and Kitty Play

I haven’t done much canning lately. Puppy, Thor keeps me on
my toes at over 8 weeks. He’s eating wet food now and
no longer needs milk from a syringe with a nipple. He
certainly lets me know when it’s time to eat and has his little
yips and barks lol
He plays at full velocity and he and one of the foster,
kitty, Cleo have a bond and play together a lot.

Winter cold has arrived

It’s not officially winter yet but temps are staying below
freezing and Baby It’s Cold Outside!
I haven’t turned on the furnace and have just been using
two large heaters that keep the main rooms of my small
house at 77 degrees.
I’m looking into some propane heaters to have when power
may go down since even before it was cold I’ve lost power
for no apparent reason.
I’ve read quite a bit on this being a rough winter and the
price of gas and propane soaring among other ways to
My power bill already reflects this and the furnace isn’t
even on.
I’m waiting on pictures from the Prepper Email group
I belong to. Someone sounded like they have a super
good set up for themselves and their family with a propane
heater and lamp. Looking forward to seeing the pictures
and sounds like an investment to put my money in.

Since Amazon no longer allows me to be an affiliate and
Paypal is no longer an option I’m going to continue to
share links for those I affiliate with to keep funds coming in to as well
as looking at other options for those who’d like to
donate to keeping things going here.

I live on a limited income, trust the Lord to provide daily
and appreciate any help coming in.

I hope you have the best Sunday.
I’m off to get some coffee made and get ready to
watch Todd at Focus Church’s Sunday message,
“In Perpetual Presence”.
If you don’t have a physical church to partake with,
may I suggest you plug in online to Focus Church.
Pressing in with the Lord and keeping our relationship
with Him top priority keeps the fear and burdens from
pulling us down. Service starts at 10:00 am central time.
Sometimes need to refresh the page to see the video start.
If your reading this at a later time there is always a replay.

Do work to stay peaceful, focused and keep preparing one step at a time.

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