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Animal Health and well being in a grid down situation

So your as stocked up as can be on extra dog/cat food, treats, water and the like
if the grid goes down and your learning to live without a lot of things.
What about your animals health if your living in a grid down situation?
Our animals are like family aren’t they or at least for most people.

Now is the time to go further, start learning and planning for your animals health
and well being if/when we find ourselves in a grid down lifestyle.

You probably have a trustworthy veterinarian if your dog or cat is ill and can afford
to get them the care they need.
What if you can no longer get to the vet or the prices are so exorbitant it’s way
out of reach? What then?

I suggest learning about natural remedies to stock up on now as well as how to
make remedies with what you have on hand.

Having a good quality CBD oil on hand in hemp oil is important in addition to the best in supplements and Omega Oil
The reason I say in hemp oil is many animals are very sensitive to
oils like olive oil and grapeseed oil.
Dr Andrew Jones is an excellent veterinarian who I highly recommend his supplements and
the alternative teaching on pet remedies that he has offered for several years.

A picture of my dog that has a condition called  Alopecia X, a condition of hair loss different from shedding

I want to share an example of learning and implementing a natural remedy
That helps my dog Rusty now and will if living in a grid down situation. That is as
long as dandelions grow in abundance.

Rusty has a condition called Alopecia X. He just recently developed this condition and there
is no known cause or cure. Although I’ve read several speculate on the causes.
Simply put his hair falls out in clumps and in some spots I can lift up big pieces of his hair although still attached. He literally has no hair on his tail.
If you can imagine a Sheltie with a bald tail. It’s quite unusual.
It’s a bit difficult to describe but it’s not simply shedding.
He still looks handsome as ever but his condition does concern me.

I discovered Melatonin (3mg) per 20 lbs. Rusty is a big Sheltie, a bit overweight
and weighing in over 100 pounds.
I have found several cases that Melatonin has aided humans and animals with Alopecia X
or hair loss.

Another remedy I learned about involves what most people consider a weed–Dandelions.
The first thing I did was gather up about 2 cups of Dandelion flowers (not the stems as these white milky substance in these can cause very loose bowels).
I washed the flowers and boiled in 4 cups of water, cover and steep covered for 6 hours. And that’s Dandelion Tea. And by the way it’s a pleasant and enjoyable tea for us humans too.

Now what dog or cat for that matter is going to drink Dandelion Tea! Probably none
I’ve added a little honey and administered by syringe but a better way for Rusty is to put a teaspoon in his meals with chicken broth. He laps it right up with his food.
I’m not sure a cat would be nearly as cooperative. but you never know.
Regardless, it can have a diuretic affect so he only gets it’s once a day.

I am also going to pick leaves and dry and save them. They make a great tea for him and myself but best if picked in early Spring.

If you’d like to learn about even more of the benefits of Dandelion, Dogs Naturally Magazine has a very good free article on even more health benefits of Dandelions.

I hope this has gotten you thinking now and ahead for a grid down situation we could be
living in.
I hope to share more in coming days what I’m doing and learning about to aid you now and
in being prepared for your animals health in a grid down situation.

Your Animals Health Living Grid Down

P.S. I’m not a doctor or veterinarian. I’m just sharing my experience and learning.
Do consult your veterinarian if you feel you need to but please don’t be surprised
they might not agree or be on board with alternative treatment methods.

I’m also not an affiliate for any of the links I’ve shared. Dr Andrew Jones DMV and Dogs Naturally Magazine are resources I use for information/supplements.

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