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I wanted to share a short of my Wednesday Musings. I’ve been busy working outside as much as possible and planting like crazy. It’s been super hot but going out early makes it more tolerable.
I’ve got all my plant starts out and doing new ones to put out as soon as ready.
I planted a few strawberry plants in a large pot as well as more in the ground. I plan to add more and would like a nice bounty of strawberries.
I’ve also been picking and drying dandelion flowers and leaves to use for one of the dogs hair loss condition, Alopecia X. Along with melatonin, the leaves, tea and a tincture I’ve made, my
dog, Rusty’s hair on his tail is growing back. Yeah!
I’ll keep this short but do hope if your a mama or grandma you had a fantastic Mother’s Day and your Wednesday has went well.
That’s my short Wednesday Musings.
Stay safe, at peace and focused.

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  1. Avatar Cindy

    We didn’t have many dandelions this year, which was a little disappointing. I wanted to try roasting the roots to make a coffee-like hot drink.

    I’ve noticed that our wildflowers vary in strength from year to year. Some years more winecups, sometimes it’s black-eyed Susans, etc. Haven’t seen any blackberries yet, but I need to go look more closely.

    • Avatar Cindy

      A good Wednesday to you Carla.
      It’s kind of a bummer you didn’t have any dandelions this year. Mine have been less lately.
      We’ve had tons of ongoing rain since yesterday afternoon. I don’t know if that will bring any new blooms or not.
      It would be nice if you would still get a few popping up to harvest.
      I do want to roast some of the roots for a coffee drink as well.
      I’ve used most of what I have for tinctures and other things so we’ll see if get more.
      It’s probably a nice surprise and fun to look forward to what wildflowers you get each year.
      It’s wonderful if you have blackberries. You’ll have to let us know if you get some.
      I don’t have any yet. Just strawberries and raspberries but it’s on my list to get a long with rose bushes.
      Before I moved here three years ago I had rose bushes with thorns rose hips for vitamin C. I appreciated the
      thorns for a great privacy aspect. Who wants to crawl over thorns lol
      I was glad for the rose hips too.
      Have a great day, Carla and enjoy the wonders around you.

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