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Garden is in full Swing here
Gardening in Full Swing

Gardening is in full swing here.
I’ve been planting and weeding daily.
Not to mention starting lots of seeds inside soon to
go outside.

Lots of Romaine lettuce, onions, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes,
spinach, tomatoes, carrots. tobacco plants and more are planted.

Guess who will be busy canning, dehydrating and the like this
year. You guessed it–I will be!

I had a terrible time last year with squash bugs and this year I’m
being proactive. All the small plants such as squash, pumpkin,
zucchini, cucumbers, melons that the bugs like to destroy are
protected. I have ice cream buckets with
the bottoms cut out and a bag over them until the squash bugs
are done looking for plants to lay eggs on.

I also saw a video of someone who is growing yellow flowers and
putting out yellow bowls of water to attract them since the squash bugs
like and are attracted to the yellow blossoms of most of these
plants. So I’m giving it a shot to see if it helps as well.

I have had a rough time keeping the birds from pulling up the onion
starts. I shooed them away tons of times but have resorted to whirly
gigs from the Dollar Tree and tin foil around the fences. Finally, I have
two nice rows of onions coming up.

Three apple trees are planted along with two plum trees and two more
elderberry bushes.

It’s been raining since this afternoon and doubt I’ll need to water tomorrow.
Good for rain catchment too.

Speaking of rain catchment I’ll be ordering a rain barrel with spigots from Amazon
soon to capture even more water. I like this one because it has two spigots
and an overflow kit.

53 Gallon Water Barrel with spigots on Amazon
53 Gallon Water Barrel

If you’d like to have a look and learn a bit more you can follow this link:

I worked on the first pool project this week and it’s nearing completion.
Not the best video (below)I took from my phone but will give you an idea of what I’m
working on. I put the dog’s plastic pool in for now until the liner is here.
The rain all day and tonight will do a good job of filling it further.
I purposely left the dirt around the sides to put plants in. So far I’ve planted a Chrysanthemum and Lavender plants with more flowers to be planted soon.
I’m filling in more sand around the sides soon and hope the liner comes soon.
I’m avoiding chemicals in the pools and will use only bubblers to oxygenate the water.
I’ve added two small bubblers so far but will replace in time with larger ones.
These pools will be another source of water along with my other water catchment and
when it’s hot this summer will be nice to cool off in for the dogs and myself.
Obviously this pool will be a bit small for me so I need to get going on the larger one lol

First Pool Nearing Completion

In summary my garden is in full swing along with my pool projects among other things.
What projects are you working on?

Stay focused, at peace and carrying on one step at a time.

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