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Keeping the Stockpile Going continually, canning and making meals in a jar among other things. Keep your stockpile going continually!
Continually adding to my stores of food

It’s more important than ever to keep your stockpile of food going.
I have a lot of food canned for coming times and
have started doing meals in a jar as well.

Get your copy of The Lost Super Foods
and keep your stockpile of food going.
The Lost Super Foods

I purchased The Lost SuperFoods which has tons of recipes and
foods to make meals in a jar and more helpful tips.

Amish Poor Man's Steak from the Lost Super Foods. Delicious, canned in pressure canner and will enjoy this for times to come.
Keep your stockpile of food going.
Amish Poor Man’s Steak

One of the meals in a jar I found in The Lost Super Foods is Amish Poor Man’s Steak
and it is absolutely delicious. Yes, I kept some out for a couple meals!
I’ve learned how to make Lard that lasts at least up to 2 years canned.
Now this is a winner for me.
With the price of everything going up including cooking oil, shortening and lard, to be able to do my own is a plus.

I’ve made and canned beef stew, chili and so much more for times to come as well.
I purchased The Lost Super Food physical copy as well as digital.
A totally worthwhile investment that has already paid for itself several times.

DIY Bread Mix in a Jar
Easy peasy from Melissa Norris.
Keep your stockpile of food going!
DIY Bread Mix from Melissa Norris

I’d like to close with this recipe not from The Lost Super Foods rather from Melissa Norris.
She shares a DIY No Knead Bread Recipe that is definitely worth having & making!

Keep your stockpile of food going.
Stay focused
Stay at peace
Be prepared

The Lost Super Foods
Keep your stockpile of food going
I am an affiliate for The Lost Super Foods
If you purchase your very own
book I will receive a commission
and you’ll have made an investment
to help to help yourself & help me stay sustainable and preparing

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