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Today it was time to make dog food again. I have some happy dogs that love their homemade dog food.

Today it was time to make dog food again.
There was a whole lot of slurping and tail waging
going on lol
I have some happy dogs for certain.

I normally cook chicken in the crockpot over night,
saving the broth to put on their food at meal times
and freeze or can any extra.
While the chicken is cooking I cook up some lean ground
beef if I can get it (if not I drain the grease and rinse),
add an egg, crushed egg shells for calcium and flax seed
to the ground beef and cook up rice.
When everything is done I combine all,
adding either carrots or green beans.
This week it was carrots.
I definitely want to start making extra ahead and
canning the dogs food for the future.

Things are a bit tight on the home front due to no
Social Security check coming through yet.
I improvised a lot with the dog’s food last week.
I had plenty of canned chicken, rice and veggies along
with egg shells and flax seed. And was able to make
the dog’s food. It was a good practice in rotating
what’s on hand.

This week I have an older freezer going down for the count
so I am unthawing chicken, ground beef and cooking it up for
this weeks dog food as well as canning some ahead.

Do you make your dog’s food or would you consider doing so?
So far when trying to make it for the indoor cats they turn their
nose up at it. The outdoor cats I feed will eat anything I give
them though lol

My daughter and I went to a bin store awhile back on a day everything
was a dollar. I bought a whole case of small jars of chicken baby food. I tried it
with the cats and they loved it. So it’s nice to have it on hand for the
picky ones if I need it lol

Please do share if your making your fur friends food and if so
how you make yours. In addition, share if your even considering
doing so.

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