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Good evening.
Hot summer weather is here.
It’s still over a 100 degrees here with the humidity.
How’s your summer weather?

Hot summer weather is here.

It just started raining and my plants are saying aaaah

I did manage to get some laundry done and hung out as well as
worked downstairs In the prepper safe place.
I have three kitty cats residing down there as well.
One is very pregnant. I took them in since neighbors
don’t take care of them or feed them. They are pleased
as peaches to be in where it’s cooler.
Below is Cleo chilling on the dog ramp on a cooler day.
She’s the daughter of the pregnant mama as well.
Such a sweetheart!

Cleo is chilling on a not so hot summer day.

I hope to get them all fixed and mama spayed after babies done nursing
and find a home.

I’ll keep this short but do hope you have a super night and stay cool
where you are.
Stay safe, stay focused, and keep prepping one step at a time.

P.S. I removed the ‘News’ page and figure I’ll share here what I see
come up that seems important. I’m surprised even some in the prepper
community think I’m far off base lol But such is life. I’m preparing for

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  1. Avatar Cindy

    God bless you for taking in the cats who were uncared for. All of our cats, except 2, were acquired that way. The other 2 were born here by a mother cat who wasn’t cared for. We get them spayed or neutered and feed them. Sometimes they stay around. Sometimes they disappear, and occasionally one or two return every couple of months. I always wonder where they’ve been. They return to us neither skinny nor fat, so they’re eating someplace.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Carla.
      I hope your day is going well. Your another animal lover who have given those
      kitties the best and they do come back even after gone awhile.
      Some have termed my house the animal casa lol
      The three cats have been living in my backyard and have been feeding them for some time.
      When the calico obviously was pregnant I decided to bring them in. They are in the basement
      will all the best accommodations I can give them.
      The 4 month old kitten, Cleo and other older cat, Tiger get to go out
      in the morning for awhile and run around outside.
      I called a place yesterday to see if had room in foster care for the mama kitty and went there to be
      told they were full.
      I’ve decided to keep them here, get them all fixed and find them all new homes, including new babies
      when old enough. I love them all but already have three upstairs not too pleased lol
      But I’ll give them the best care until I can find them really good responsible forever homes.
      If anymore come my way I’ll keep doing the same.
      May you have the very best night.

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