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Grayson the Cat keeps cool laying by the fan

Are you keeping cool on these hot days?
Do you use air conditioning of fans?
I have window air conditioning and fans and looking at other options to deal with
100+ temps in the summer if the grid goes down or even power outages.
My cat Grayson loves to lay stretched out in front of the fan and cool off when he can.

We can’t forget about keeping our fur babies cool in the hot temps.
Both dogs have get cooling mats and helps them stay somewhat cool.
Rusty having long hair is always hot it seems.

Arf Dog Cooling Matt to keep 
your fur friends cool on these hot
summer days
Arf Dog Cooling Mat
Keep Your Fur Babies Cool During the Hot Summer Months
with this gel cooling mat

Lasko High Velocity Fan to Keep Cool on these hot days

I found this Lasko High Velocity Fan on Amazon and it cranks up pretty darn good,
putting some cool air out. And use it in conjunction with a LG floor A/C
(pictured below)that vents out the window. Both do help cool things down and get some of the high humidity out of my small house.

Lg Floor AC to keep cool on these hot summer days.

I have two older used AC’s. One’s in the living room and one’s in the bedroom.
It still can get hot in here when temps are over 100 degrees and I definitely
am not baking or canning in my small kitchen which is always the hottest room
in the house.

Because it gets so hot here in the summer months not to mention the
humidity, I’m looking at options to stay cool with no power.
It’s always 20 degrees cooler under the trees so that is an option.
And the dogs and I can take a dip in the new pond I hope to get
finished soon to cool down some.

What are your plans if the grid is down and it’s hot out in the summer?
Or are you still kicking that idea around?

One thing I’m going to be making and trying out soon is this:
I’m going to drill holes in the side and bottom of a 5 gallon bucket,
and put it inside another bucket. I’ll add dry ice and install a solar powered
fan on top of the top bucket and blow the air over the dry ice which
in theory should blow out the holes in the sides of the bucket.
I’ll see how this works and of course dry ice may not be available forever
in a grid down situation. But if this works and I can create two or three of
these throughout the house and if cools it will be great plus while the
grid is up my power bill can go down with less AC running.
Perhaps I need a willing person steeped in the knowledge of the Amish
ways or knowledge of making an ice house from the 1800’s to help me
build an ice house or house chest like the Thompson’s
still do for the museum.

What suggestions if any do you have for perfecting what I’m wanting
to do with the dry ice and buckets?

I’m working on some other ideas I’ll share at a later time.

Now I’m off for some ice coffee and to finish listening to
Ron Foster’s book on Audible. Another treasure from
Ron I’m enjoying listening to instead of reading this time.

Disaster Du Jour: Stone Soup For Survival (Grid Down Prepper Up) (Volume 3)

Have a good night, stay safe, stay focused, stay at peace and keep preparing one step at a time.


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Off topic.
    If you get a chance look up intermittent fasting for people and dogs.
    Fasting and Autophagy.
    My whole family started various fasting regiments about 3 months ago. Lucy our 11 year old beagle has too. She still gets the same amount of food she did before we just do it all in a six hour window. That gives here body 18 hours to spend energy healing and keeping certain hormone levels balanced.
    Last year she developed a cough and an xray said that here heart was slightly enlarged. The vets advice was to come back in 6 months when it was worse and giver her prescription pills. I though that was pretty crappy advice, so I started to research what I could do. I started with salmon oil and cardio supplements, this produced good results, I also increased her walks. 3 months a go I started to push her feeding into a smaller window and the results have been good. No more cough, better energy, less anxiety, better sleep, lost some weight and went down a harness size, she wasn’t what i would call overweight, but now she’s leaner.

    Anyway, I know you got doggos and it was on my heart to pass this on to you. We all have had great results, human and canine alike.
    Have a great night.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment.
      I hope your having a good evening.
      I’m definitely going to check out fasting and autophagy for people and dogs.
      Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like some very positive results for all of you.
      Definitely the salmon oil and cardio supplements have made a big difference for Lucy too.
      Vets sure can give unsound and crappy advice too much of the time and now only have one that comes here to see the animals.
      She’s not unwilling to do traditional meds but leans a lot toward more natural alternatives.
      Thank you again for sharing this and thinking of me and the doggos.
      Have the best night.

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