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Dog and Cat Enjoying Nicer Weather
Foster Cleo and Rescue Marie Enjoying a Cooler Day Outside

A good evening to everyone.
It’s been a week full of kitties, tomatoes and weird weather here. I’m keeping on my toes with mama & baby kitties plus her two companions.
Every shelter here is full and so far no room for the extra kitties or fosters
I just keep sharing them where I can and taking care of them.
I don’t normally ask but if your interested to help out with cat food
or cat liter by donating there is a link below.
If you’d prefer to donate via Amazon, just send me a message and
we’ll work out details.

Today has been a beautiful day with cooler temps and none of are complaining,
human or animal wise.

Several quarts of tomatoes canned

I’ve been able to get several quarts of tomatoes canned
and have a lot more waiting to be done tomorrow.
I didn’t plant the yellow cherry tomatoes this year but
they came up on their own. I just add them to my regular
tomatoes when canning along with some carrots.

Weather has been interesting here.
Super hot days over 100 degrees with humidity to match
then storms dumping tons of rain.
I’m not complaining about the rain but the humidity and heat
I do complain some about.

Needless to say I am tired at night and sleep like a rock when
I do call it a night.

I’m going to keep this short but wanted to touch bases with
everyone and let you know what’s a happening.

Have a good night, stay peaceful, stay focused and keep preparing
one 👣step at a time.

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    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks so much for doing this. I asked you on MEWE if that was you
      that donated lol
      I have been sharing about them on my own fb animal group and found a few others that
      let people share animals to be rehomed. But in the meantime seeing where to start getting them
      Every shelter is so filled here no room for kitties and the list is long for getting them
      fixed but it always works out.
      Have a good and restful night.

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