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Stormy Weather and Without Power causes me to bring out the LED Lights

It’s been a stormy day with lots of thunder boomers.
Stormy weather brought being without power most of the
Lately I have more days without power than I ever remember
in days past.
Shows me how unstable our power grid is and makes me grateful
for LED lights, along with the LED tea lights that flicker.
I do have candles and tea lights I can put in jars that throw the
light well too.
I’m in process of making more candles and will be getting a lot
more LED lights among others.

Do you experience more days without powers than you remember
in times past?
If so how do you deal with it? Do you have LED Lights, a generator,
solar or perhaps a generac that starts up when power goes out?

Stormy Weather and No Power makes for Real Unhappy Doggos.

Rusty and Marie are more than pleased that the power is back on and
relaxing after all those thunder boomers.

Now that power is off I’m going to finish another post I started earlier
before the power went out earlier today.
Stay tuned and be sure to stay safe, at peace, stay focused and keep prepping one step at a time.

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