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11 Days Until Christmas
Bringing you some holiday cheer for your day

11 Days Until Christmas and counting down.
A much lighter post than yesterdays.
In the midst of hellish acts we have to
balance with lighter and more joyful things.
God intends it this way in order to not be
bogged down and be less effective for Him.

This year Christmas will be different without
Marie and Rusty who have crossed the Rainbow
and their antics I enjoyed.

This year I will value their memories and the
joy they brought, as well as my family and the
relationships I’m building along the road
of life.
Gifts are enjoyable to receive and give even
if the cost of everything has risen in a crazy
manner. Yet memories and relationships
are for keeps and to be treasured.

11 Days Until Christmas brings a Sun Oven Gift Card to Give

By the way if you might need a gift in line with
preparedness or to help someone
when shtf, Sun Oven now has gift cards.
A perfect way to give a gift that will be
memorable for certain.
It’s digital so a lot simpler than having to get
it sent to someone via mail.
If you’d like to learn more and see if this is an
option head on over to Sun Oven

11 Days of Christmas... well Little Thor thinks every day is Christmas lol

Little Thor thinks every day is Christmas.
He’s doing surprisingly well without
his buddy Marie.
He didn’t eat well for a few days but
seems to be doing alright now.
I just took this picture of him
wanting to play lol

I hope you have a restful and peaceful
night. stay focused and keep going forward.

Just me at Simply Backwoods

Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time


  1. Avatar Cindy


    Starting a retail job just before the holidays is ill advised, LoL 🙂
    I have read your blogs I just didn’t have the energy or brain power to respond. Fortunately it’s just about over and will slow down soon.
    I work 4am to 1pm, so it’s been quite an adjustment just for that.
    I just wake up every morning and thank God that I have a job. I go through a list of gratitude to Him every morning. It was what got me through these last 2 months.
    I get up at 2 and get the fire stoked up, sit in front of the stove and pray.
    It’s very calming.
    Oh, and can I just say that Walmart radio has not played a single song that even hints at Jesus being the reason for the season. It’s been generic pop star secular hell for songs. Ug, I can’t wait for them to stop playing that garbage.

    I hope you get to spend some time with family.
    You and little Thor have a wonderful relaxing Christmas.


    • Avatar Cindy

      Oh Jamie I do hear you on starting a retail job before the holidays.
      It has to be nuts. And the hours you work have to be a super big
      adjustment. And then to have the energy or brain power to do much
      once home is a stretch.
      I’m so glad you have the time in the morning to sit by the fire and spend
      time in gratitude and prayer. I know He sees you through each day there.
      I am sure your ready for the music from hell to be over and done with.
      I know your very grateful to have the job even with all the unpleasant
      I haven’t been to Walmart for sometime and not missing it for certain.
      I will go to my daughter’s house early Christmas morning since my granddaughter
      works nights. Then she can go home and sleep after she leaves us.
      I’ll definitely be having out with Little Thor after that. I don’t take him
      with since my daughter’s little chihuahua is very territorial and stresses
      Little Thor too much. And he’s a little bark-a-lot anyhow lol
      All the other dogs love him but just not doing the stressful thing for Thor.
      I hope you don’t have to work Christmas but if you do I hope you get to have
      some Christmas time with your mom and sweet little beagle.
      Thinking of you and your definitely in my prayers.
      Have a blessed night and may your Christmas have special moments
      no matter what your doing at work or home.

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