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Lahaina is not forgotten!
Unless your following a news source that I’ve overlooked
no where in mainstream media or alternative news do I find
any mention of the horrible acts committed against the people
of Lahaina.
The video below may be hard to take and long to watch but
I truly encourage you to watch and be educated on what
happened at Lahaina!

Truth is being shadow banned all over the place on YouTube and
Eric at Hawaii Reality‘s videos are no exception. Better watch while it’s still there!
When you watch take note of a whole lot of houses burned to nothing and across
the street green trees and houses untouched.
Or a car or two parked in a parking lot with nothing around to burn having
cars melted.
I am not the world’s definition of a conspiracy theorist.
I repeat I am not a conspiracy theorist. I see facts and things
that happened in Lahaina that several years ago
would have been a good futurist movie.
Only this time it’s not a conspiracy or a movie.

I’m trying to put into words what I think about all this and be to the
point if possible. I continually have to overcome thinking people
that are responsible for this can’t really be this evil or can they!
It’s scary and sad but I’ve come to the conclusion that those
in government, leadership and the World Health Organization are
psychopaths bent on destroying us and all we stand for that is valuable
to us.
Your free to disagree with me if you so choose.

We live in a world now where a majority seem to be so absolutely
asleep to anything like was done in Lahaina caused on purpose
and the harm that still continues to the people of Lahaina.

The siren wasn’t sounded to warn people of what was happening,
no cell service, the water was turned off to fight the fires, and oh
by the way the person responsible to sound the siren says he
doesn’t regret not turning it on.
Police blocked off a main escape route on Front Street to
allow people to leave and those people in their cars that
didn’t get out and run burnt to death.

I could go on and on but the bottom line for me is if the
authorities in Lahaina and whoever was involved can get
away with this, nothing being investigated and burn people
and their homes, if this kind of destruction can be done to
people so blatantly, what about this and the things being
done behind the scenes in the good ole USA (so much
actually not hidden anymore but not as immediately devastating),
is this not a huge, huge wake up call to all of with some sense left!!
I along with many others declare Lahaina is not forgotten and will
not be asleep nor stop trying to fight for our freedoms, our rights
and and what makes us an awesome nation here and nations around
the world awesome!

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