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Loss of a pet is hard. I lost my dog Rusty the end of May

The end of May I lost my beloved dog, Rusty.
He had mobility issues but was doing really well
getting up to go outside with a little help, eating
well and overall had a very good quality of life.
Then one day he could barely get up, stop eating
and drinking. He laid down and shook his head
a couple times and went to sleep.
He is very missed but I know we’ll be reunited.
I’m thankful he wasn’t suffering and was here
at home with me, my daughter and granddaughter.

Bioengineered foods are here and in my location in just about every store.
Now apeal is sprayed on produce to supposed make it last longer but the the apeal is poison and toxic

I’ve been rotating and eating my food stores more than I had planned.
Good thing I’m growing more food in spite of chemicals being sprayed
consistently in the air. I’m also always in search of local farmers
for meat not genetically altered, order what food I can from those not selling bioengineered/lab produced foods and raising my chickens.
I’m even careful to not broadcast I have chickens. Especially since cows,
pigs and chickens cause climate change you know.
The few things I do purchase and can’t make are non-foods.
Eventually those will probably be harmful too so preparing
for that too.
What several years ago might have been considered sci-fi or beyond belief
isn’t bull*it but reality now.
So are you still finding foods in your local area not bioengineered to purchase?
Another pressing question or two, are you reading the labels and/or purchasing
such items?
I’ll end on this.
When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
Your comfort delights my soul.
Psalm 94:19


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  1. Avatar Cindy

    One more thought about animals in heaven: I heard a preacher say one time, that he believes they’ll be there, too. He cited the verse that animals that are typically predator and prey will graze together peacefully. It’s in Isaiah 11:6-9. I had to look it up and was surprised to learn that the phrase “the lion will lie down with the lamb” isn’t scripture, but does reflect that passage.

    Anyway, surely that must be a picture of heaven.

  2. Avatar Cindy

    I’m so sorry about Rusty, but, like you, glad that he’s no longer in pain.

    Yesterday was a hard day for us. Our grandson had rescued a mother cat and 4 kittens. They were all in bad shape and sadly, 2 of the kittens died within a couple of days, and a third one yesterday. Then, one of our dear tuxedos died on our son’s back porch. Sheila was almost 10 and although she hadn’t looked sick, had been keeping to herself. Cats do that.

    So, my husband and grandson got the 4th kitten to the vet, got medicine for it and it seems a bit better.

    As to the bio-engineered food, I hadn’t thought much about it until lately and I think you’re right to be very concerned about it. Food isn’t what it used to be. Truly.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Carla.
      I hope your day is going well for you.
      Nice to hear from you.
      Thank you for your thoughts on Rusty.
      I am very thankful he’s in a much better
      place now.
      I’m very sorry to hear about the kittens not
      making it. I hope the 4th one is continuing
      to improve now.
      It’s sad to have lost your tuxedo, Sheila.
      I’ve had some of my cats pass away, not
      seeming sick at all. Just lay down and
      go to sleep.
      I do believe we will see our animals
      that have passed in heaven. I can see
      Rusty and his brother, Dusty chasing
      and playing now in the beauty of heaven,
      playing in those rivers of clear refreshing

      Food definitely is being interfered with and a lot of
      genetic engineering going on. I believe by January
      all suppliers have to label the foods ‘bioengineered’.
      So when I can afford it I buy from company’s I can
      order from that don’t sell food tampered with, plus
      gardening, canning and doing all I can to escape
      the tyranny.
      I’m seeing it all ready everywhere here. I thought
      I’d splurge and get some ice creaqm bars. I looked
      at the box and it said ‘bioengineered’ I put it back
      and said to anyone listening by the freezer section
      “I’m not eating genetically modified foods”. The woman
      standing there just looked at me like I lost my mind and
      not wanting to cause a rukus with anyone I still speak out
      every time I see food that is labeled as such for whoever
      wants to listen. I pray people start listening and paying attention.
      The few times I ate food unknowingly my daughter brought over that
      was ‘bioengineered’ I felt sick and spent a good deal of time not
      feeling good and in the bathroom. That speaks volumes to me.
      I hope you have the best night.
      Take care and be blessed.

  3. Avatar Cindy


    I am so sorry about Rusty 🙁
    Now he is pain free and running like a young pup through the fields of bacon.
    That’s the way I always think of it. Till you meet again 🙂

    I really haven’t been paying a ton of attention to food labels. When it comes to meat, I’m kinda scared to even look. Due to budget constraints there isn’t a lot I could do about anyway. I looked into local grass fed beef in my area, might as well be gold fed beef for the price. The only way it makes economic sense is to purchase a half or a whole, and I just don’t have the space. Splitting it with someone would be great, but no one I know has their sh*t together enough to have the $$ up front or an extra freezer.
    Now you’ve got me curious, I’m going to start paying more attention to the labels.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Thanks Jamie. I know Rusty is definitely running through those fields
      of bacon with his brother Dusty. He’s not in pain and having the time of
      his life and we will be reunited in time.
      Honestly I haven’t looked at the meat to see if it says, ‘bioengineered’ on it
      just noticed on all other products at Dollar Tree and elsewhere. I’ve noticed on
      ice cream, chips, crackers, corn meal mixes, can goods and lots of other items.
      I’m scared to look at the meats and see it on it too.
      I can’t afford to buy a lot of canned meat from trusted suppliers but will when I can.
      I’d love to buy a 1/4 or 1/2 cow from a local farmer but that is costly but like
      you I don’t know anyone who can share the expense to do so with me.
      My daughter has no clue about food stuff and no matter what I tell her she brings
      stuff from Dollar Tree that is ‘bioengineered’. I tell her and show her and she says
      she doesn’t care. It’s just food. Sigh
      I don’t even want to put that sh*t in my compost pile.
      Let me know if you see it on labels of food there or meat. I think it’s by January
      all suppliers to grocery stores have to do this and label the food as such.
      I’m thankful for what I have canned and have lots of beans so guess I’ll get my
      protein that way and from peanut butter I can order. Unfortunately it means I could
      go through my stored foods faster than I’d like though.
      Well I’m going to give my mom a call and get outside. My mom had a pacemaker put in
      at the end of June so like to check in with her.
      Take care and have a relaxing, peaceful night.

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