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Happy Independence Day.
May your fourth of July be
memorable and full of thankfulness
for the freedoms we still have.

Happy Independence Day.
May your fourth of July be
memorable and full of thankfulness
for the freedoms we still have.

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    Hope you enjoyed the holiday as well!

    I am no longer on MeWe. I dropped it to help reduce wasted time. There were some useful pages/groups but I found myself scrolling too much and getting worked up too much. I’d rather go outside and play, LOL.
    So I will try to keep up with your homesteading adventures here.
    Take care, God bless 🙂

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening, Jamie.
      I didn’t do much for the holiday. Just hung out with the dogs and
      made all the loud bangs a little easier for them from fireworks.
      None of the fireworks was that close but sure was loud and thundering
      booms regardless. Someone invested a lot in major fireworks I guess.
      Understand not being on MeWe. I’m going to keep up with the page I have
      for now and see how that goes. Also will probably not re-publish My Designs
      By Cynthia page though. Don’t have time to create anything outside of what
      I’m doing already.
      There is so much information on there everyone has to decide what to read
      or not read. It used to be so much negative news on the home page I doubt
      anyone acknowledged anything preparing wise. And definitely one can get worked up
      with a lot that is shared. I I haven’t really checked recently
      since don’t have time to dally about. I figure I get enough of alternative news
      in my email if I really want to know what’s happening anyhow. I totally
      understand you’d rather go outside and play. A lot more enjoyable too.
      It’s been so hot out that I usually work full steam in the mornings and evening
      if the heat and humidity subsides some. Sometimes the air quality isn’t so good
      either from Canada fires and chemtrails and hinders me as well. The puppy usually
      is out with me and gets into everything he can. He has learned not to pester the
      chicks though rather than get pecked lol
      I’m trying to plant and get growing as much as I can.
      It’s been a slow process and so much still to plant. I think the chemtrails
      and other stuff in the air makes it hard for plants to grow very fast but
      I keep trying. The heat doesn’t help either. I have taken to covering things
      a lot to shade plants and protect from chemtrails. I think it’s helping.
      The tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets and watermelon
      are finally taking off. One squash is finally growing as well.
      It rained lightly most of day and cooler so hoping can get back outside to do more in
      I hope you have the best night.
      Rich blessings to you and glad your keeping up here with what I’m up to.

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