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What Adventures May Today Hold

What adventures may today hold?
I’m choosing to look at each day as
an adventure rather than at just
the adversity around me.
God knows there is plenty of yuck
around I wouldn’t have to look hard
to find.

It’s another day of very favorable and
warm temps and I’m appreciating it
being so.

I trimmed down my elderberry bush
and took some cuttings to start
new bushes.
I stuck two cuttings in soil in large
pots and the rest in the frig until
I’m ready to start them.

What adventures may today hold?
Warmer temps make me not want to fire this stove up to make cookies since oven quit.

Last night I mixed up oatmeal, raisin cookies and
proceeded to warm the oven to bake them.
The oven would not stay lit sigh

Well I bragged in one of my last posts about Lowe’s refusing
to fix the ignitor on the oven since government
is wanting to do away with gas stoves.
I pretty much said screw them didn’t I lol
Well now the oven doesn’t stay lit and with
temps over 50 degrees I don’t want to fire
up the wood stove just to make cookies.
So I lugged up my convection oven from
the bunker area and will make my cookies
later on.
And yes I am going to learn how to replace
and fix this ignitor myself. If there is a will there
is a way.

Well I’m going to get off here and get those
cookies made and who knows I just might be
back later on.
Always so much going on I want to talk about
but trying to not be too windy.

Have a super good and adventurous afternoon.
When challenges come…..Think Outside the Box!

Just me at Simply Backwoods
having an adventurous day

Simply Backwoods

Let the Peace of Jesus Rule, Stay Focused 
and Keep Preparing One Step at a Time

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    You can absolutely fix your own stove. I fix crap all the time with Youtube videos. An igniter is pretty much “plug and play,” usually the most difficult thing is getting in there.

    Now your stove is a bit of a specialty item, so this site might not work, but I use If they have your model they will also have complete diagrams with part list and part numbers.

    You’ll be fine.
    God Bless and enjoy your cookies 🙂

    • Avatar Cindy

      Evening Jamie,
      I know your fixing lots of things yourself and
      encourages me more to do so too.
      I checked just to see if might
      have the ignitor but no go.
      I’ve been searching for the igniter other places and
      just haven’t found it yet.
      Almost aggravating that Lowe’s is still selling the stove
      even with a lot of shitty reviews. I surmise they have a stock
      of them to get rid of and could care less about repairs.
      Such is life in the real world lol
      I’ll keep looking for the part and in the meantime thankful
      I do have the small convection oven that I can sit on top of the stove
      and use for now. I used it a lot before I got the stove and it does well.
      I’ve made bread and all kinds of things in it.
      The cookies turned out good and I ate a lot of them lol
      Their definitely tasty.
      I hope your night is a good one.
      Be richly blessed!

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