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Wrapping up a beautiful day. The chickens are definitely wrapping up their day with their evening snack.

Wrapping Up a beautiful day here. Had some
nice sunshine and favorable temps.

How’s your evening going for you?
I wanted to stop by for a few but will keep
it short this evening.

I woke up super early and I think it’s catching up
with me.
When I’m awake so early it’s a good time for prayer
and to be quiet with the Lord.

Anyway the chickens are finishing up their nightly
snack of seeds and snooping around.
I’ve heard it said chickens are pigs with wings
and my 5 fit that so well lol
Their good girls though and friendly and social.
They’ve been handled a lot and that helps.
I get between 3-5 eggs a day so am pleased about

I’m giving serious thought whether than can go out
when weather stays warmer. If they do some I’m
planning to protect their run a lot more from chemical
sprays in the air that can affect them and the eggs I get.

I hope you have a restful and peaceful night.
Lay your cares with the Lord and sleep well.

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  1. Avatar Cindy

    Your girls sure are cute! We buy our eggs from a girl who raises chickens, but we are on hold now for a while because hers are moulting, whatever that means. I miss our fresh eggs! It’s great that you can walk right outside and get your own!

    It’s a quiet evening here, too. Hope you have a great week!

    • Avatar Cindy

      Hi Mandy,
      Thanks for reading and your response.
      I’m glad you had a quiet evening last night.
      I hear you on enjoying the eggs from the gal who
      raises chickens.
      My chickens moulted some and just means they were losing feathers and growing new ones.
      Since mine are inside and not exposed to the frigid temps we’ve had or any need for heat lamps it
      probably minimized it some for my girls. I think when molting they take a break from
      laying eggs and mine did do that for a short time.
      They will love it if can outside but trying to plan how to do that with all the chemicals sprayed
      here since that’s not good for them and not the eggs I eat or sell to a few people either.
      I hope you have a super good week yourself and hope you have favorable temps there.

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