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Making the most of the day.
Coffe helps too!

Making the most of the day.
And pausing for some coffee helps too.
Nutrient Survival’s Vitamin Columbian Coffee
rocks and glad I learned about it and wish could
have been sooner.

Starting my day with some Nutrient Survival Vitamin coffee.

How’s your Saturday going for you?

I’m plugging along getting things done.
It’s barely 40 degrees today and overcast
but better than the way below zero temps
we were having.

Making the most the day.
And enjoying the oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies I made the other day.

I made the oatmeal raisin, chocolate
chip cookies the other day and ate the
all up lol
Today I’m making a dark chocolate cake.
I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile.
I used a yellow cake mix and added dark
chocolate cocoa powder.
It will be a nice treat and dark chocolate
has some good benefits as well.
My small convection oven works great.
I had it before I ever had my current stove.
I’m still looking for an ignitor for the oven
so can replace mine and get back to using
the oven.

Making the most of the day.
Lots of water bottles to fill
today after putting water 
through the Berkey.

I’ve got oodles of bottles to fill
with water for the future.
I’ll be putting water through the
Berkey and filtering out the junk
before filling them.

Probably most of you know that EPA
came after Berkey and their water
filtration systems accusing them of
using pesticides and Berkey sued.
I believe Berkey is out of business
at this point. The only one using
pesticides is the government
and those geoengineering the weather
that sprays aluminum, barium and
other chemicals in the air.
The big b*tch doesn’t like it that
the filters can clean out most of
contaminates including the virus
‘Covid’ that is water borne.
I asked for the black filters from
my daughter for my last birthday
and also have ceramic filters as well.
I’ll probably get a few more filters
from alternative sources and for
that matter as many as possible.
If they day comes they are wore
out and I can’t get even an alternative
I’ll create my own water filtering
There are ways to do so with rocks,
sand and charcoal. As well as other means.
If you don’t have a way to filter your
water may I suggest you get on it now!

I’ve been doing some learning on electro
and growing food.
I also stumbled across something
interesting on primary and secondary
One is from rain and other
sources and Secondary is from
below the earth’s surface.
This is why digging a well besides
the cost if you don’t do it yourself
is so useful.
I’m not going to go all flaky on
you all but am investigating
various things as I have time,
sorting out what isn’t for me
and what is.

A lot of folks around here have
been experiencing drought.
My soil in spite of chemical
sprays has always been very
wet in some areas. I just haven’t
got far enough down yet to
discover where the water is
and so far none of the charts
I’ve looked at show any aquifers
or sources listed in my area.
I will definitely keep at it!

Making the most the day 
That includes mixing up the chicken
feed to ferment for the chickens.

On another note earlier this morning
I mixed up the chickens mash, oatmeal,
and scratch to ferment for them. Sometimes
I let it go a couple days sometimes a little more.
Stretches the food budget and healthy for them

I’m off to get that cake made and get the
chickens their lettuce and seed before they
start squawking about it lol

Enjoy your Saturday and stay positive and at peace
no matter what your up to.

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  1. Avatar Cindy


    I found this article about Berkey’s largest distributor.

    I have a pair of replacement filters tucked away for a rainy day. The ones in the unit now are getting close to the end of their life cycle.
    Looking online there seems to be a ton of off brand replica replacement filters. So how do I know which ones are counterfeit junk? Why are they allowed to sell and Berkey isn’t? Thanks EPA, as usual another power hungry over reaching government agency has made things worse. People lost their jobs and dozens of truly unsafe products have now entered the market place.

    If you don’t mind, post the make, model, and first letter of the serial # of that stove you’re trying to fix. Sometimes I can find things. At any rate it can’t hurt to try.

    • Avatar Cindy

      Good evening Jamie.
      I hope your day has been a good one for you.
      I had trouble getting into the article and wanted me to do a
      I’ll mess around with it and see if can get to it in awhile.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if EPA will try to shut down any alternative
      filters for Berkey and other water filtration methods for sale too.
      Obviously the interest of the people is not a priority. Rather it’s
      for power and control, taking away anyway most can be healthier and
      There are many of us that don’t give up that easy at all.
      I asked my daughter to let me know what filters she got me
      and where. I’ll pass it on when she lets me know.
      The model number of the stove is #BAK101OO
      I appreciate you looking and I’ll keep looking as well.
      I know you fix a lot of things and are resourceful.
      Two heads are better than one.
      Have a good and restful night.
      Stay safe and alert looking to the One who has all the answers!

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