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The latest happenings
from Simply Backwoods

The latest happenings going on here at Simply Backwoods.

First off I want to share my newest labor of love.
Baby Thor, a new puppy that his mama rejected
and wasn’t nursing well. He drinks from a
syringe with a nipple and eats 4 syringes
every 3-4 hours.
He’s doing super well, will be 2 weeks old
Wednesday and went from 3.6 oz to 17 oz
this week.

The Latest Happening is new puppy, baby Thor
Hilarious-Thor sleeping on his back with his legs up

It’s definitely Autumn weather here.
Days are cooler and nights even cooler.
We had rain off and on for quite a few days.
It made it difficult to do anything outside.
Thankfully I’ve been able to get outside the
last few days in between puppy feedings and
do some mowing and get more produce
out of the garden.
Weather has been so odd this year I don’t
hold my breath to when the first frost will
be but hope holds off for awhile.

The Latest Happenings Here.
Autumn weather definitely is

I have been steadily canning produce from the
garden and fermenting some veggies as well.
This week I also made and canned Amish
Poor Man’s Steak
from the Lost Super Foods book.

The latest happenings included making and canning Amish Poor Man's Steak.
Amish Poor Man’s Steak

I purchased it some time ago.
It’s a delicious meal in a jar with ground beef
patties, celery, onion and gravy. Of course
I didn’t can it all and kept some out.
It’s a favorite with my garden green beans.
If you’d like to learn more about the
Lost Super Foods book with a lot of great
recipes, skills to learn and knowledge,
click the picture of the book below.
The recipe in the book is on page 75.

The Lost Super Foods
The Lost Super Foods

I’m going to feed the puppy and call it a night for 4 hours
until the next feeding time.
Have a great night, stay focused, stay peaceful and keep
preparing one step at a time.

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