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Normal as Normal Can Be Here for kitty Cleo
Cleo kitty napping

Things are as normal as normal can be here.
It’s a lot quieter without baby kitties and mama
Just the two older cats and my fur crew now
Trying to get back to normal although miss
those little kitties and mama.
Last report mama cat is still struggling
with gut issues but folks who now are
caring for her and kitties are
working with a vet to help her.
Baby kitty rescued from the curb
has made a miraculous 100 % turn around.
The woman named him Rocket
and he’s a spunky fellow.
If you missed the last post about all the kitty stuff
you can find it here: Kitty Trials and Thensome:

Normal as normal can be for rescued baby kitty, Rocket
Rescued baby Rocket has made a miraculous turn around

Have a good night and stay tuned for more to come
about what I’m up to.
Stay focused, stay at peace and keep preparing one step at a time.

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