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Good evening. Been a day busy with making zuchinni pickles, a few kitties and getting ready for baby chicks tomorrow

It’s been a busy day making zucchini pickles, caring for just a few kitties
and getting ready for the new chicks tomorrow.

A lot has happened since I last posted here.
I no longer have the mama kitty or her babies.
Mama kitty got sick and no rescue would help with
Finally my daughter found a woman who would help with
covering the mama’s health issues. All the kittens are healthy
just mama wasn’t doing well at all. As I was getting ready to
pull out of the driveway to go to the designated vet and
I saw another kitty about same age as the six I had laying
on the curb. Long story short I have neighbors who don’t
take of any of the animals over there and just toss sick ones
out, sadly.
I picked the little thing up and took it with me. The lady who
was covering mama’s health issues had this little one taken
to the ISU University where they do medical care for pets.
He was severely anemic from fleas.
The little guy got transfusions and just about didn’t make it
through the night but so far he’s on the mend.
I’m forever grateful to this woman and her husband for
such a huge and caring heart.
It’s been a stressful few days and shed a few tear.
I think I realize preparing one step at a time doesn’t
mean I throw my passion and caring out the window.
And perhaps prepares me for times to come in some

I still have the 6 month old kitty, Cleo and her companion, Tiger
who is about a year old. They are little sweethearts and
this woman that helped the mama kitty is going to see
about getting them fixed and rehomed. Yeah!

Tomorrow I pick up the new baby chicks that will stay inside
through the cold, cold weather we have here in an enclosed
area. It will be some work but definitely am committed to having
eggs when they are a bit older.
My kids think I’m nuts to get chicks but what’s new lol

Due to Amazon kicking me out of their affiliate program I’ll
be adding a donation button with my posts. It’s nothing fancy
right now but I’ll update it soon so not just a link lol

My zucchini pickles are done and I’m going to call it a night soon.
I will share more soon. I hope to be here a tad more often not
dealing with a sick mama kitty and life is a bit back to normal.

Have the best night, stay focused, stay at peace and keep
preparing one step at a time.

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