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I hope your Saturday has been good.
Sorry haven’t been here for awhile.
I was really sick for awhile and still not real on top the
world but I’m getting better and very thankful!
Now I’m catching up with myself all over the place.

How’s Autumn weather where you are?
Leaves are falling and changing here.
I have work to do outside that I haven’t
got to yet but with a few days reprieve
from the cold weather I’m hopeful
to get some more things done outside.
I’ve got garden tools put away and ponds to tend too.
I’ll probably add heaters to the ponds to keep
them somewhat unfrozen in the cold winter
months. That is while there is still no power
interruptions. Praying won’t be any too soon.

The price of water has increased here substantially.
Enough so that storing more water, cutting
back on water usage anyway I can and having
all the resources possible is necessary.

Even doing laundry in my buckets with the plunger
requires water. But it certainly cuts down on washer
and dryer use along with electricity needed to
run them when I hang the clothes up to dry.
I’m seriously considering investing in a
bucket wringer to make rinsing easier.
I’m doing my best to be ready for anything
and increase my skills so I’m not caught off
guard when things get more challenging.

Not feeling well and doing things that take
more time isn’t always fun but I’m getting

Puppy Thor

Puppy Thor is now 5 weeks old and doing very well.
Still drinks from a syringe with a nipple and has started on some wet food.
He’s healthy and full of vim and vinegar.

I’m going to catch a little sleep before puppy needs to eat again.
I hope you have a good night.

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